Comp USA Clearance YMMV.


There's a brand new clearance table at my local Comp USA. Formerly, they had the small clearance rack with, oh, 50 copies of some sport game or something - but this new table has assorted titles, in addition to a deal.

If you purchase two clearance titles, the second (assuming equal or lesser value) is 50% off. Granted, some of Comp USA's prices are terrible even after clearance, it may be worth checking out next time you're in that neck of the woods, happy hunting.
Depends, really.

I picked up Pikmin and MGS2 Substance (Ps2) for 10 each, and with the 50% off on MGS2, so 15 plus tax, which I'm thrilled with.
Last copies of both. They had a couple other items I wanted, but I'm iffy about the prices. (Bounty Hunter = 20, Zoocube = 25), but again, ymmv on the actual prices, too. Worth a glance for sure.
i have never had any luck at this goddamn chain and people are always posting great clearance deals. to hell ymmv, my mileage always sucks.
I was just at CompUSA, and found Xenosaga and Star Wars Bounty Hunter clearanced for $10 each, and NOT on the clearance table. YMMV, but maybe this is something that may be at more than just my location?

I also managed to pick up Kohan for PC for 4.88
The clearance "deal" at my CompUSA is as follows: Clearance games $19.88, buy two get one free. Almost all of the games are rubbish, and/or can be found for less than half that at other places.

There are a few decent PC games in there, but still nothing to make me jump for joy.
The clearance tables at one of my local CompUSAs had a ton of crap games. What was worse is they were charging more than retail for a lot of them. For instance - Final Fantasy X - $34.99 -HA! Keep in mind CompUSA price matches. If there is a title that is harder to find in stores (for isntance, I saw Guilty Gear X2 for $35) then get it price matched.

The other problem I saw with the clearance table was that a good amount of the cases were cracked or broke and some seals were off.

Others may strike gold, but it wasn't happenin' for me :/
My CompUSA never has deals. I remember they were still selling Starcraft Broodwar for $30 about a year and a half ago. Also, things on there bargain bin are still $40. When was $40 considered a bargain. More like a sale.
my compusa sucks too. the only games they had in the clearance bin last time i went were all old ps1 games. ill give it another shot but im not expecting much.
Comp USA generally sucks, yes, but it's worth a shot, every few months I find something worth getting.

I wish they had Bounty Hunter for 10 around here :whistle2:/
I just bought Unlimited Saga for $10 at CompUSA.
The other $10 games I remember are:
Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild, PS2
The Hulk, PS2
And about 10 more PS2, GCN and Xbox games I can't remember. YMMV
I was at a CompUSA a little over a week ago, and a bunch of games were marked with clearance tags. Example: House of The Dead III (Xbox) $55 (yes I had them check the computer, that was the actual price). Some clearance. All the games were either at normal prices one would find anywhere else, or higher.
[quote name='guessed'] House of The Dead III (Xbox) $55 (yes I had them check the computer, that was the actual price). Some clearance. [/quote]

I'd hate to think what they were charging originally if $55 is the clearance price. :?
Nope, they’re gone again. They got bought by TigerDirect who operated it as an online only store. Now that site is gone too.

This thread is literally so old the company has gone out of business twice since the last update.
Damn, I thought there might still be Comp USA somewhere. I think my last purchase there was Aliens on DVD.
Wow I thought someone found a still around Comp USA! Also I didn’t know GBATemp threads stayed around so long!

Hahaha, maybe we should thank maliya1 for the nice nostalgia flashback. The last time I was in a CompUSA, they were ready to close up. Most of the store was barren with a smattering of displays around. Like, no dividers or signs or anything that gives that busy retail look. Just empty shelves and hooks everywhere. Sad end.

When I was a kid, I'd get excited to go to a CompUSA just to see the computer games. Good times.

Thanks for the flashback, everyone!
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