Conor Mcgregor vs Floyd Mayweather


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Who wins the overall battle

First round: Who wins the fight?

Second round: who benefits more?

Third round: Which promotion(sport) take more?

Not sure why this was posted here, but as many talking heads around the internet have said, McGregor has already won. There is extremely little for Conor to lose in the fight. Mayweather hasn't knocked anybody out in a long time, he breaks his hands a lot, and McGregor is much bigger than him. The chance of Floyd KO'ing Conor is very small. Could he be slippery as hell and embarrass McGregor over the course of 12 rounds? Very possibly.

But that "embarrassment" is almost immediately negated by the fact that it's not an actual fight. It's a sporting event where at least 75% of one fighter's abilities are taken away. Boxing is great, but I can't take it seriously as a fight. So, therefore, even if Floyd makes Conor look dumb, everybody knows it's only because they're playing the game that Floyd is good at. If it were actually a real fight, McGregor would massacre him.

That's why Conor has already won. It is a win-win no matter what happens. If Floyd beats him, it's because they're playing "pillow glove slap party". And if Conor wins, he's the most legendary combat sports athlete of all time. And either way, he makes a ridiculous amount of money.

But if we're talking "How can Conor beat Floyd?" he has to get inside and make it ugly. Floyd clinches almost any time somebody touches him. He is a master of not taking damage. Conor can't just coast through the fight and allow that. Being the bigger man, he has to cut off the ring, get in close, and when Floyd tries to grab on, be strong enough to push him away and keep swinging.

When Pacquiao fought Floyd, he was content to just let Floyd grab him and wait for the ref to break them apart. But maybe as a boxer, that's just what Pacquiao is used to and has been conditioned to expect. Maybe Conor NOT being a boxer will help him in that regard. If Conor can't find a way to throw uppercuts in the clinch, he has zero chance.

I keep having this funny feeling that it's going to be far more competitive than everyone is talking about. 

I don't buy in to, or care about the MMA vs. boxing stuff, and which one is most effective in a street fight. Of course a sport where you're kicking, punching, tackling, submitting is going to be more balanced. That's not what this is even remotely about. I don't care what ounce gloves they're wearing - you put a really good amateur boxer or any pro in there with a non-boxer, and those punches are going to hurt, are going to land cleaner on someone who hasn't defended punches from a boxer for 15yrs, and next thing you know speed is equaling power. 

Having said all that, I don't know that McGregor can do enough damage on the inside, and the chances of him catching Floyd with an Aldo-like looping punch seems close to impossible. Everything on paper says Floyd should coast through due to experience, skill, and ring generalship. ...but part of me still thinks Conor could surprise everyone. That's why they put the gloves on, so we don't have to speculate. 

I'm not sure whom will win but I'm excited to watch it! I live in Las Vegas so the city will be lit up that night for the fight for sure!
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