Contest (CAG Foreplay #43): Win Wii Fit

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You know, like the exclaimation you make when going down a rollercoaster.
Optional built in camera, so you can have a picture at the end, of you looking like a dork.
Wii-riferal. Enough said.

I haven't seen any comersials but people should stand on a board leaning around looking like its the funnest thing in the world.
Wii In Shape

I'd use it to work on my flabby arms. I've heard there's a tricep extension activity, which would be especially helpful.
"Wii are skinny and you are fat so buy this now: Happy Fun Excercise Time ^_^"

So this would also be known as: WASAYAFSBTN:HFET on the forums, followed by alot of "what does "WASAYAFSBTN:HFET Mean?" every other page of a thread.
I gave up on trying to be clever a long time ago so I'm just going to say "Wiikly Workout." Although if you don't mind long titles(and feel like doing a little "Truth in Labeling"), we should just call it "Wii Can't Afford a Personal Trainer."

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bread's done