Contest (CAG Foreplay #55): Win Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)

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As detailed in CAG Foreplay Podcast #55, we have a used copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the DS to give away courtesy of CAG Robjus.

Listen to the show for details on how to win (or just copy the trend that you see forming of those that actually listened)! Winner will be announced on the next CAG Foreplay. A winner will be chosen at random.

Thanks again for the prize CAG Robjus!

Good luck everyone!
Video Game Blogger : A Copy Paste Adventure
Learn to become a professional Video Game Blogger! A point and click adventure that scales tens of video game sites and forums. Can you copy and paste the best stories and feed the hungry fanboys while still maintaining your journalistic integrity meter?! Chances are if you read these sites, you are already halfway there!

Features Include-
~ Searching other blogs and video game sites for stories
~ Fact checking questionable stories
~ Copy/Paste mini-games
~ Editing in snarky jokes with the news
~ Enticing fanboys to maintain the pageview quota
~ Embedding multiple links to your other stories in every post
~ Poorly translated Japanese news
~ Questionable Fumitsu Scans

(Not directed at any site in particular. Just a joke so lighten up. :bouncy:)
Those are beautiful ideas, people. I guess you wouldn't call it an occupation, though you could probably twist the definition around if you really want to. Whatever!

Revenge of the Eldery

You play a strapping dandy/dandyess of sorts. One day, your grandchildren visit you at the retirement home for your birthday. One of your presents: prunes. Outraged by the utter lack of thought that your grandchild put into your present, you decide that your only option is REVENGE. forgot who gave you the prunes. Your goal is to "trace your memory" and figure out the identity of that disrespectful whippersnapper!

Ttly not a ripoff. 8D
Parking Authority DS

Publisher: EA ("It's in the wallet")
Developer: EA ("Conquer Everyone")
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: TBA
Price: $39.99 (budget game)

Join the fine men and women of the local Parking Authority on an exciting point and click action adventure. Players will be ticketing, booting and towing their way to become the highest paid "Ticketing Master".


- Local and Wifi gameplay so you can battle your friends to give out the most tickets and boot and tow as many cars as you can.

- Every encounter is different with various dialogue tree to help you get out the angriest "customer" situations.

- Exclusive touch screen functions to enhance gameplay as you write up the tickets and tighten that golden boot on peoples' cars.

So preorder* and pick up your copy today and join the crew!!

Preorder your copy and received a bonus stylus shaped as a boot. Limit one per person.
I had suggested to Atlus that they add point and click adventure elements to the next Trauma Center game. You would still have surgery, but you'd also have to do some investigation, like going to the guys house and looking through his stuff to piece together whats up.
Raven Drawn: Graphic Desginer
Your standard point & click adventure with mini games! Where you play Raven Drawn, a graphic designer just starting out at a well known agency. Work long hours appeasing your Art Director, Sales Reps & Clients through varied dialog trees! Also for the hell of it, you have psychic powers that you use to solve a murder at the Agency, Neat!

Mini Games Include:
• Brain storming
• Time Battles - staying under deadline
• Surfing the Internet
• BSing your way through meetings
• Designing Ads
& Much More

Pre Order today!
I've been wanting to try out Phoenix Wright... great contest.

College Professorz Touched

Point & click adventure which includes patrolling lecture hall during lecture to find sleeping students and slap them awake, avoiding/encouraging inappropriate touching of undergrad co-eds in office hours, writing demeaning comments in red pen on papers like "barf" as a way to describe quality of writing, proctoring exams and catching cheating students by gathering evidence and of course stamping out plagiarism on papers.
Travel Back to your childhood in this new point-and-click adventure.
To Be a Kid is a new game to take you back to the years gone by.

* Get ready for school with our innovative "backpack" inventory system.
* Search for your sister's diary
* go door-to-door for school fund raisers
* Collect special items to trigger schoolyard reactions from girls.
* Unlock new content from unlockables, wi-fi stations, and special events.
* Rated E for Everyone
* Pre-order now
* Collector's edition available thru Scholasic Books.
Lockpicker DS, kind of like the old PC game safecracker, where you have to solve various puzzles to unlock safes and doors and other locked items and no pun-intended, you could unlock better lockpicks and cracking tools (maybe some dynamite hehe) It would be rediculously slow-paced so we need some mystery or something also involved as an overlying storyline. I envision something like Professor Layton, only darker.
Archaeology Dig
You rome around talking to locals to find out where are the best sites for bones/ past civilizations, point and clicking throughout a town or city and then talk to who owns that land so you can go and start digging.

Then you choose how to go about getting things out, shovel/axe, maybe dynamite (if you are reckless), and you work down to chisel and blowing on the screen ala Pheonix for finger printing.

You can be rewarded based on how much you find, how well it is preserved and such.
Title: Personal Assistant!
System: DS and a Wii possibility
ESRB Rating: T
Genre: RPG

You are a recently college grad and are looking to be a personal assistant! You have the option of choosing to follow five different career paths- fashionista (designer), celebrity, musician, CEO, and royalty! Choose which type of employer you want from the above five and start at a very level one employer. For example, you could become the personal assistant of a clothing store owner/fashion designer wanna-be. You are given many quests, gain new skills, and have to earn enough points to cash in to become the personal assistant of someone who is more well-known in the local fashion world. And it goes on until you get to become the pampered personal assistant of a world renowned fashion designer.

To gain points, you complete missions or quests, which are fun stylus mini games. For example, going with the fashionista route, there is a Bejeweled inspired mini-game where you must "organize her shoes in her closet"! Enjoy being someone's b****! By the way, it's rated T for Teen because of the humor used can contain profanity and situations a child could not understand.

Whatever route you choose to go down as a personal assistant, your relationships and networking skills are very important. You have to attend conferences and conventions, collect business cards (mini game), and be sure to keep in contact with them everyday (phone, email, and text). Your relationship with your employer is important to, because it adds to what kind of employer you will have in the future. All of these things must be done to meet the requirements to go up to the next level. Romance is also a possibility, but could you fall in love and then break up and have that ruin your career or maybe that person helps your career!

Oh, you can play as a boy or a girl!
The Dentist...

Point and click your way to a healthy smile. Help clean up little Johny's corn teeth and help him score some action!

You could point and click at cavities and all the other fun things that happen when you go to the dentist. Don't forget to preorder and get your "drill" stylus!
Mr. Bills, the bank manager. Training new workers, combating counterfeit money, avoiding the fraudulent bank loans, and of course, bank robberies!

"It's time to count the money collected today... what's this one million dollar bill doing in here?"

"Hey, someone help me pick up this heavy bag of change and put it in the coin sorter! Grrrr, why does it keep jamming?! What?! What are these foriegn coins doing in here?!"

"What do you mean you lost the keys to everyone's safety deposit box?"

Ah, I feel sorry for Mr. Bills already, lol.
obgyn kenobi
a point and click where you are a doctor with "super natural" abilities
use your force powers when the job gets really dirty
explore the wide world of vaginas and STDS!
rated E for everyone
you could have to get all of the road kill on a certain street and have a mini game of picking up the dead creature by scrapping the ds touch screen like you scrape up roadkill with a shovel
The Blame Game
As the ball of blame approaches you, quickly click on the individuals in the background to redirect it their way.
But look out; click on the wrong one and the blame falls on you.
Blow hot air into the mic long enough, and you just might get away.
Touching is Good!

Point and click around town, fondling whatever you can find. But watch out for angry people who don't take to kindly to being touched!
A game about a carpenter might be interesting. Something along the lines of cooking mama, but also with a sandbox mode.
How about a teacher? You could teach lessons, help kids solve problems, and deal with administrators.
School Bus sim where you point and click to rearrange cranky kids who don't get along with each other. Also included are dialogue-tree-style arguments with kids trying to trap you into illogical dead-ends about the rules of the bus and endless "why?" responses. Actions have time limits that affect punctuality of the continuing bus stops. Oh, and you get paid crap.
Point and Click mailman, kind of like Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors where you drive the bus for 8 hours. Being a mail carrier myself I think this will be the game I'll be forced to play in hell.
7-11: Up All Night
A Point and Click Adventure of Convenient Proportions on the DS
Who wouldn't want to live the life of a clerk at the local 7-11! Someone's got to try the Slurpees at 3:00 to make sure they're not dilluted, right?

  • Fulfill the most important qualification to be a 7-11 clerk - blow into the microphone to prove you're breathing and your adventure begins!
  • Solve problems that occur as you try to survive your first week of the graveyard shift (in real time!)
  • Be prepared at any time to thwart a robbery by a thug using only the items you've picked up throughout your shift!
  • Converse with the various drunks and low-lifes who frequent 7-11 in the middle of the night!
  • Mini-games: hot dog rotating! sweep the floor! rearrange the chips! stock the antacid! clean the toilet!
Remember - those doors must remain open during business hours - somone's got to be there, it might as well be you!
Daycare Worker Adventures. A game where you can build relationships with your fellow workers and children by spending time with them and and doing errands for them. There are also mini games where you need to change diapers, feed the children, avoid the spread of infections, preparing meals, and keep them from getting injured. Increase your stats by doing certain activities outside of work. There are also point and click elements when solving certain mysteries that surround the daycare.
The Husband Game:

You have to touch all the things in each room that are either new or moved. Problem is you dont really get to see what the room looked like before so its kinda hard to notice whats different.

The Wife Game:

You have a very small time limit to search a toolbox for certain tools. Problem is the toolbox really isnt that organized and has a couple drawers jam packed. Watch out for the "Hold the Flashlight" mini-game.
Stocking: The Adventure

You have to stock at a local pet store. The main gameplay is puzzle-esque. You have to arrange boxes so they fit perfectly on the shelves and are all facing the same way. However, customer's dogs will steal certain pieces of whatever you are stocking, and you may have to put on your detective goggles to gather clues and find out where that darn dog went with your can of Fancy Feast.
A cafeteria lunch lady. You could make lunch, clean the line, have food fights, serve dinner, work the cash register, and if you really want to be gross (accurate) you could even have a bug squashing mini game.
a game developer game

you start off small at a small game company working your way up to third-party, second, and first party developer Nintendo. There will even be a bonus stage to work with Miyamoto himself if the games you worked on received good ratings.

The point and click elements in this game involves going from company to company working on copyrights, interviews, computerwork involving several touch minigames and in the end take over as the new Miyamoto!!
Grave Robber Adventures

Pointing at graves
Scratching them to dig them up
and point and click the loot till your hearts content :]
The Janitor
Clean up messes left by apathetic students, and make sure to set up the "wet floor" sign when mopping. Try to stay on the good side of the students, because while you want them to clean up for themselves, reproaching them too much makes them more inclined to litter desks, tables, floors, walls, ceilings, and everything else, to an obscene degree.
The dark side of daycare
An action adventure game where you must get to the daycare bathroom with out being found and steal the brainwashing shampoo.... before its your turn for a bath!
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