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  • Cool, I noticed it recommended the Arcade Mania book on Amazon and I double checked that and saw the name and it was as good as sold to me. I just finished ordering it actually.
    The person that won was verified on Facebook. I messaged him on CAG and then on Facebook to make sure that he had entered.
    I bet I know why the Twitter link wasn't working. Apparently, Twitter was hacked yesterday by "the Iranian Army" or something to that effect. The site wasn't even loading at all at some points yesterday evening. None of my tweets were showing up in the CAG profile sidebar or anything.
    Absolutely! Thank you!:D:D:D You know what's funny? I saw a comment you made on TMK's blog and--without noticing the "new user message" icon in the CAG logo drop-down bar--thought I'd visit your profile and add you as a friend. Come to find out you had already added me as a friend earlier tonight.:lol::lol::lol:
    hmm that looks pretty interesting.. I get the assumption that you will switch to Red team.. I know I'm only dreaming though...
    This is the time to be enjoying Nintendo's success, not worrying about those who are jealous because they want success for other consoles (the rest of us). So bask while we cry on CAG!
    absolutely right. so satisfying. have been working through Rez HD achievements and it's almost religious.
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