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  • in the same realm. i actually clicked your twitter homepage link (which doesn't work) and being the lazy person I am I said forget it. But I saw your comment in a blog and said hey.. there's BlueSwim and that's how i added ya.
    yo dude. since we chat so much on twitter i completely forgot to add you to my CAG list as well. so .. yeah buddies?
    Hey do you write that Menage a 3 comic? I used to live in Montreal. It's really awesome, thanks.
    EA can and does because they are the only company that has the license, and they know people will buy the game no matter what. Its sad.
    Saw your comment about NCAA Football, and I did buy it but I bought the PS2 version. I figured I would stick with the most polished version of the game instead of rushing out and finally picking up a PS3. Hopefully when the 2010 installment is released it will be as good as the PS2 version.
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