Contest (CAGcast #122) Win 1 of 3 1600 Microsoft Point Cards

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I'd buy Commando 3 Wolf Whatever it's called (Not like the game really matters)

Just for the Super Street Fighter Turbo Remix HD Beta on 25th June :D
I would buy Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One.

I would like to see some more old school Beat em ups on Live, The Simpsons Arcade, X-men The Arcade, & Final Fight.
-Penny Arcade Vol. 2 so I can continue playing that series without actually paying for it myself.
-SSF2 HD if it ever comes out
-350 MSP to have lunch with Wombat
I'd have to opt for the Penny Arcade game. But some great Rock Band songs might change my mind...too bad I don't see any on the horizon.
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and save the rest for Ninja Gaiden 2 skins (I know it's only 200ms points and a meh investment, but I don't like skintight leather ninja outfits.)
Of the stuff out now, I'd go for Ikaruga. If I could have anything, I would pay serious coin for Guardian Heroes (Saturn) in 1080p widescreen goodness on Xbox live. I would pay more than that lame penny arcade game and like it.
I'd use them for more rock band tunes. Can't get enough of that stuff. Although my drum pedal broke like two weeks ago :/
I hear Castle Crashers has entered certification, and I hope it'll be on Live in a few weeks. I'd definitely look to pick that up.
I'd buy Penny Arcade: On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness but due to prices it'd have to be a 4000 point card. Ohohoho a jab at the price of an arcade game!
I'd use the points for evil.

Why? Because the cool stuff found on X-Box Live in N. America is mysteriously absent from X-Box Live in Korea. So I'd break all kinds rules in the X-Box Live User
Agreement and make a super secret identity in order to purchase and download that Penny Arcade Game.

I hope the gamer tag "DoubleDragons" isn't taken yet...
I'd like to say I'd save it for the GTA IV expansion, but it'd probably all go to Rock Band tracks. Or maybe the new SF II game if it comes out well.
Rez HD, Ninja Gaiden Black. or Penny Arcade Episode 1 or Street Fighter and Ninja Turtles 4 or 3 forgot which they have up. I know its turtle in time
I would use it on commando 3 just for the beta access to street fighter 2 HD because its taking to long for the damn game to come out.....:bomb:
I'd buy myself a set of CheapAssGamer gamerpics ....oh, wait... I guess I'll get Penny Arcade Adventures instead. DAMN YOU MICRO$HAFT!
Symphony of the night, if that's enough for it. I can't remember right now.

And I'd buy more Marathon games off of Live, if we're talking potential games. =3=
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