Covid 19 Liberty or Death?


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I wanted to start this topic so another thread could go about it's purpose. Do you agree with the way the government is handling this event? Should we start opening back up or keep in shelter? Have you been infected or know someone that is or has?

different approaches for different areas: rural areas w/lower pop. may be able to open sooner while continuing to practice social distancing, masks, etc. while pop. dense areas like NYC will have to wait longer to really open up in any significant way.

I feel the same, I think it should have been left up to the mayors of each town/city to decide what would have been the best course of action to take. The governors are only taking into account for the most part how is the big cities in the state are faring and if it's bad then the rest of the state must be doing bad as well. When watching the news how much focus is on NYC or other major cities in America, if you only watch that then you would think the entire country is at a breaking point cause of the virus. The truth is a lot of hospitals are furloughing staff cause no one is daring to risk getting the virus and if they get it most stay home unless it has gotten to the point where they can't breath then they go. I have 5 family members who either work in the ER as RNs or at a private doctor's office. A few said they're looking at being furloughed, one is staying busy at their hospital, and the last one was assigned to the Covid wing for a few weeks. Unfortunate for them, they got infected due to the lack of negative rooms to keep those patients in. They've been home for a few weeks now and thankfully gotten over it. They're waiting to take a 2nd test and if that comes back negative as well, they can go back to work.

It's going to be interesting once everything has calmed down and things start going back to normal, what the infection numbers are and get a true death count. Not to mention the suicide rate, domestic violence/abuse rate, and the divorce rate during this time. The world has paid a very heavy price for China's action. Will the world cut China off and start new trades with other countries, demand payment for the damage this caused, or will it be business as usual and nothing is done.

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Yes, China definitely needs to pay for what they've done in some way.

Hopefully people will start to wake up and realize that paying a few dollars more for stuff is worth it to not deal with a regime that has trampled over human rights for decades, is responsible for literally millions of deaths, and consistently has outbreaks of disease from their wet markets that have now caused terrible global health and economic externalities.

I hope since Trump wanted to renegotiate a lot of the trade deals with China he has the guts to hold them accountable.

A good start would be to tell them to shut their wet markets down, and if they don't comply, have increased sanctions limiting the amount of American business that can be done in China.

Maybe several companies (esp. those hardest hit w/supply issues) will finally start to realize that China isn't reliable with their constant disease outbreaks and will diversify away from China to other countries.

I think the US opening China to do business with the West under Nixon was one of our biggest mistakes, and the disease outbreaks are only one of many issues we have had and will likely continue to have, unfortunately.

Reporting last night that NY has/had 2.7 MILLION covid cases that no one knew they had it. Either someone grossly over estimated the testing itself and we have alot of false positives or we allowed idiots to freak out and panic shutdown everything for nothing.
We need to open back up now. That bell that the government was so concerned to flatten at any cost has been in vain. That bell went sky high and no one noticed.

University of Miami researchers’ antibody testing out of Miami-Dade County in Florida showed that about 6% of the population has had the China-originated novel coronavirus, COVID-19, extrapolating to an estimated 165,000 infections countywide, about 16 times higher than reported.
Learned today that both OH & KY will make a mandate to wear a mask no matter what starting on May 12th. This is like saying hey let's put a condom on now so that way she won't get pregnant when we had sex 2 months ago.

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Johns Hopkins published a study this year concluding that the lockdowns reduced coronavirus deaths by 0.2% - or 1 out of 500 deaths prevented.  My city didn't even have 500 deaths from it, so the lockdowns effectively saved 0 lives here, and likely caused more than a few deaths due to the rise in overdoses and suicides.  And then there's the general increase in all-cause mortality across society from the reduced outdoor activity, gym closures, increased alcohol intake, and the months where routine health screenings were unbookable.

All this seems to imply that the lockdowns ended more lives than they saved.

America sold medical freedom down the river with the war on drugs several decades ago and got all the creeping tyranny they deserve for it. A people with no capacity for self-reflection whatsoever.

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