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CDKeys has Days Gone (PC Digital Download) w/ free select title on sale for $10.69 when you follow the steps listed below.


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[*]Total should be $10.69.

Is there anything special about Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition?

I got RE4 from the RE humble bundle but not sure if this offers anything different.

Edit: neverminded looking at my steam library looks like it's the same version
RE4 Ultimate HD is great on PC. If you never played RE4 before or played the RE4 Retail disc-version and needed a better version here on PC - well, this is UHD version is the one to get.

RE4 UHD (Remaster) is a lot better than the OG RE4 version for PC (from retail on disc), as RE4 UHD has mouse-look support too; and IIRC QLOC did this port (they rock at PC versions on the technical side, similar to say Nixxes).

Old RE4 PC from retail (on disc) doesn't have mouselook-support out-the-box; and that MouseAim Mod for RE4 PC (Retail version) might not work anyways in that old-version.

Also, for RE4 UHD on Steam for PC - get RE4Tweaks Mod, so you can at least add Subtitles to the cut-scenes. There's a lot more features than that in there though, too.

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