[DEAD] Amazon Promo: Free $5 Amazon gift card credit for watching an Aflac ad.


121 (100%)

Watch the ad then fill out the captcha. You may need to refresh if it's not loading the final page.
You will receive a confirmation email if you are successful.
It works better on desktop than mobile.

Offer says it's a digital credit but it's currently working on physical goods.
Offer expires January 15, 2021 or while promotion last.
Promotional credit expires February 15, 2021.
Limited to one per customer/account.
Credit will automatically apply at checkout and items must be sold/shipped by Amazon.
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Agreed, the CAPTCHA hangs. Watched the ad multiple times across multiple browsers, and it went into endless cycling every single time. Guessing some CAGs might get through with some luck and/or persistence, but I don’t have the time or patience to memorize an AFLAC ad for a $5 digital credit that has to be used by mid-February.

Thanks anyway, OP.

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Also took me 3 time for whatever reason.  But it's easy enough to turn off the volume, press play, and wait the 60 seconds to enter the captcha that it wasn't a big deal.

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