Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition 17.99 used (360\ps3) (Possible conversion) YMMV


Was at GS today, and they had 2 used PS3 Deus Ex Human Revolution augmented editions, complete w/ artbook. Bought one and the bonus disc was included. I found this very unusual, so I'm thinking they were possibly converted to used. (Didn't check 360 section.) It's funny, because I think I did a search for an augmented edition and couldn't find one.
Yes they converted the new to used copies about 4 weeks ago. I thnk there was a thread about it as well. I got mine just about 4 weeks ago.
Just bought a used one from the Augmented Editions give you important items? Would have rather got those included with my game, and especially a newer copy.

Definitely won't be expecting an Augmented copy in the mail.
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