Diablo III Switch - $17 at Walmart

Went to two walmart's yesterday morning and neither had any copies left of either game. Grats to those who got in on it. 

The app is back to showing full price for Diablo and Doom, I wonder if this is dead.

FYI, i picked up 4 of Doom and Diablo for the prices. None of them showed the price deal online. Only when i got to the stores and scanned in store did it show the sale price.
I believe you have to go to the store to get the deal from the POS.

The app actually showed the sale price if you went with store pick up. I was checking it all day yesterday waiting to get out of work.

It had the sale price early this morning too, but went back to full price when I checked again around 9(EST)
Thankful to the OP. Went out Thursday night looking for a shirt for a funeral I went to on Friday and this at the very least helped a rough holiday loss in the family
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