Do you have XBL?

8) You guys are crazy! Buy it now and activate it NOW! Have been having a blast playing Moto GP2, RTCW, Ghost Recon and Mech Assault. Soldier of Fortune 2 coming this month plus Midtown Madness! To much good stuff to pass up .
I would buy it, but I'm still not sure...I usually play my internet games on my computer..can you say Counter-Strike
Me too with the pc games but I signed up for beta testing with Live and got in. Its fun to me because everybody is using the same controller so the playing field is level. I have played RTCW on both the pc and Xbox and yes the pc version is better with less lag and many more players supported but the Xbox version should be patched at some point and better servers will be coming I suspect. Unreal championship just got patched and it is very sweet. I have been playing capture the flag a bunch and it is lag free with very good graphics. The pc version has high resolution but playing in 480p on my 52 inch HDTV makes the Xbox version the best by a mile. Plus the voice support is great in all games. Ghost Recon is a those head shots baby! I would recommend Live to anybody with a high speed connection. Plenty of games out now to have a blast with. 8)
I've got it:)

Unfortunately, I got a bad disk with my online kit, so I haven't activated yet.

The xbox hotline was upgrading its ticketing system when I called, so they gave me a reference number so they could replace the disk later.

The really strange part is the first guy I talked to it never heard of the Tetris release of the online kit. He went to get his manager four times during my call in a panic because of this! Unreal!"LOL"

The second guy I spoke to knew what I was talking about a little too well...............apparently there have been a lot of problems because he told me the USUAL question he gets asked by customers with my problem is whether or not they will get the original live disk or the second version that the actually paid for with the full version game......and he said it could go other way.......WTF!

all that was wrong with mine is the introduction video was if I get the same answer when I called back I may choose to keep it.

Granted, this is the fourth version of Tetris I've owned, and easily the worst version I own, but a free game is a free game
I just got XBox live. Right now I only have Unreal but I also have access to Mechassault.

My name on there is "mmn". Shocking, I know.
I've had it since late beta. Going to have to check out the Target deal mentioned in another thread to get a cheap new year.
[quote name='gamer1337']Buy it, then wait.[/quote]

You cant really do that. Some XBL kits have expiration dates.
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