ENDING TODAY!! Free Disney blu-ray ($3.95 shipping) when you buy two at DMR


16 (100%)
Link: http://www.disneymovierewards.go.com/promotions/special-offers/twoforblu

Basically redeem the magic code for two Disney movies or CD's and you can choose a free movie from one of these 3:
Bridge to Terabithia

+ get 125 points. Not a big selection and you pay the shipping and handling, so not technically free but might be worthwhile for someone if you have codes laying around or were going to buy some Disney movies anyway. Plus it doesn't look like it requires redemption of any saved points. This runs until 5/31 as pointed out by ssjmichael.

Also purchases can be from anytime, so even if you have movies left from black friday or other sales that you haven't redeemed codes for yet.
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Grrr....I still need one code, I guess I will miss it. I can trade a Beauty & the Beast Blu-Ray code, since I have two of those and you cannot do 2 of the same movie.
[quote name='WingsDJY']Thanks for the reminder. No need for Tinkerbell and I didn't see great reviews for Dinosaur, so I settled on Bridge to Terabithia.[/QUOTE]
Liked Bridge to Terabithia, read the book when I was in 5th grade.

Btw, how much are they charging for s/h?
[quote name='jcaugustine']liked bridge to terabithia, read the book when i was in 5th grade.

Btw, how much are they charging for s/h?[/quote]

[quote name='lionheart4life']Last day to get the codes in today if you haven't yet![/QUOTE]

thanks for the reminder, totally forgot about this. now lets see how long they take to ship my Tinkerbell (for my cousin haha).
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