Fallout 4 digital and season pass


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I currently have a physical copy of fallout 4 on xbox one and i'm looking to get a digital copy of the game. Mainly for convenience of not having to swap discs.

What are your thoughts on the season pass and what would be the cheapest price of these?

I think the pass is currently 29.99. For those who have it , is it worth it and what all is involved in it?

I saw the description of what all is in the pass, buy any gameplay and how much content it has.
So if i got the pass does the season pass content work along side the game campaign or do i need to finish the game before play the season pass stuff?
The DLC for this game can be started pretty much at any time. It's just suggested to get some levels before you do. I think recommended level for Nuka World is like 30+. Don't have to beat the game to get into any of it.

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