Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition 360/PS3(OoS) $21 @ amazon

[quote name='psihog']good find. ps3 still available for order. it's on the right side.[/QUOTE]

Yeah but when I last checked it said temporarily out of stock
Damnit! Still kicking myself for buying UMVC3 instead of this on bf weekend. Too bad PS3 version is oos as I was gonna price match at Best Buy.
[quote name='irishsoccermbw']Waiting for the inevitable $15 price point, but this is still a great deal for a lot of content.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, good price point since it has already been $20 before.
The PS3 version is a technical mess and especially when you add any DLC to it. (I own both New Vegas and Skyrim on PS3 and they are both utter shit ports)
Do you need to buy a new copy of the Ultimate edition or is the DLC automatically triggered from the disc?
waiting for $10 myself. Since thats what I paid for the vanilla edition (very first deal I ever saw on CAG actually!) I wont pay more than that for the DLC.
Guys, check the date of the thread before posting!

[quote name='TommyLove']I'm still waiting for the Microsoft Store to have this game for $10 again.:cry:[/QUOTE]

I still have a sealed copy from that sale.
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