Family Video 40th Anniversary Used Movie Sale 09/12/18 - 10/21/18 (In Store Only) YMMV


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Not sure if this is only select Family Videos, but its going on at every MI location I stopped at over the past few weeks. Sorry for not posting about this earlier, but theres still 2 and a half weeks left and the locations seem to add more titles each week and update prices on other titles. The odd thing with this sale is I've noticed not every location prices their movies the same price. For example I saw The Last Jedi for $5.99 at one location and a few days later at another location it was $9.99. There may be a few other titles that are priced differently at certain locations, but doesnt hurt to check. Family Video is running a month long sale on used dvds, used blurays, used 3d blurays, and used digital copies. Price ranges are as follows:

$1.99 titles are 5 for $5

$2.99 titles are 3 for $6

$4.99 titles are 2 for $7

$5.99 titles are 2 for $9

$9.99 titles are 2 for $17

There may be another price range I'm forgetting.

These are all the titles I've picked up so far at various MI locations. all bluray

5 for $5




Spring Breakers

Hands of Stone



The Lazarus Effect

Accidental Love


Live By Night



By the Sea



3 for $6




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Fright Night 2

Wish I Was Here

Machette Kills

Zoolander 2

2 Guns

Patriots Day


The Foreigner


Final Girl

Big Eyes

Army of One

Red State


Fun Size

Saving Mr. Banks

Trainspotting 2

2 for $7



Mom and Dad


The House

I, Tonya

Molly's Game

2 for $9


Lady Bird

Three Billboards

Father Figures

Bad Mom's Christmas

The Last Jedi

Murder on the Orient Express

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Gotcha, I see it now. And do you mean unused digital copies?
Well I guess that really depends on if family video is super shady snd sells used digital copies. I'm sure they are fine. I know they remove the digital copies from the cases when they get them now so the only people that could use them are employees.
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I checked out the Hutchinson, MN location, but didn't find much. I grabbed the Great Wall blu-ray for $5 and got Nier for Xbox 360 for $8. For games, it was buy 1 get 1 one 50% off, but not much I was interested in.

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