FanFlix Halloween Sale


Barley Legal
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I'm surprise no one posted this yet.  FanFlix is having another digital 3 for $5 sale going on right now, this time for Halloween.  On occasion they actually have some worth while titles like this time around.  From the myriad handful of titles they had available I picked up the following all in UHD

Evil Dead 1 (original)

Evil Dead 2

Cabin in the Woods

Redemption is via Vudu for all & select ones have Apple TV as a choice just be aware of what you pick.  Here's the link to it from their twitter if you want it,

FanFlix has another one up now, 2 for $10 but some good movies like the recent release of

Quiet Place Part 2



Friday the 13th Uncut

Pet Sematary

The Crow

Rosemary Baby

Shutter Island

Paranormal Activity

and more...

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