Fantasy Football - Drafting Sunday, 9/4/2/22 (5:30 PM MST)


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Looking for some fill in teams for my Fantasy Football League. We are drafting through the Yahoo Fantasy App on Sunday, 9/4/22 at 5:30 PM (MST). Private message me with your first name and email address if interested and I will send you out an invite link to join the league.


Please only contact me if you are willing to participate throughout the season. To make things more interesting I am offering a $30.00 amazon e-gift card to whoever wins the eventual league playoff (we had a CAG’er win the league last year and they can attest that they were paid out for winning).


For those that decide to participate I would strongly recommend reviewing the fantasy point scoring structure/waiver settings so you can draft accordingly (I also find it helps a great deal to do mock drafts in preparation of the draft). 


Fantasy Football is really not too time intensive, just maintain your lineup on a weekly basis to be competitive (i.e. drop or put injured players on injured reserve, add replacement players off waivers as needed, don’t play players on a bye week, etc.).


The format I have selected is head to head weekly matchups and the top teams with the best records after weeks 1-14 will then go to a playoff for weeks 15-17.

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