Filtering CAG on Twitter


Anyone know of a way to filter out certain accounts on the CAG on Twitter portion of the site? I find that this feature is the most consolidated list of deals on here so I typically find myself going straight to it. What’s irritating is that I come here exclusively for deals on my hobby and I’m subjected to hot takes and opinions from Wombat who never posts anything related to gaming deals, which is entirely his prerogative, and it’s mixed in with the actual content of what this website is for. I’m just wondering if there’s a way to filter out his account in particular, would I have to go in to Twitter and do it through there? I fully expect the ban hammer for this, I don’t intend any disrespect to Wombat, I’m just tired of seeing politics mixed in with video game deals. Bargain hunting is a catharsis for me and I just don’t want to see it here regardless of where anyone stands. Again, I don’t mean to silence Wombat, I just want to know if I can turn this off for myself. This is one of my favorite websites and I’ve used it for years now but lately it’s been a less pleasant experience than I would like and if there’s a way I could personalize it for myself to better my experience that’d be awesome.
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