Final Fantasy X-X2 HD PS3 and Vita 29.99 Gamestop (Amazon PM)

I have the PS3 limited version from when I pre-ordered from Gametop and got it on launch day.  Tempted to get the Vita version just for the cross-save and portability, even though I don't have a Vita yet.

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This game is awesome even the 2nd time, 128hrs in, still got end game and 3 trophies left.

Just to give an idea to any newcomers to X.
Ordered the Vita version from BB with GCU. Already own the PS3 version and don't have a Vita, yet couldn't resist, especially since I've noticed they've been going high on ebay. Hoping to get a Vita soon for grinding levels.

FFX-2 Vanilla and International for PS2 were the first games I ever imported, and I played the heck out of them. So much fun, despite not even knowing kana back then. Although I'm not looking forward to the chocobo races or lightning dodging in FFX... :wall: I cried more during these two minigames than the ending...

Why is the Vita version more popular (well at least on CAG) compared to the PS3 version?

I personally got the PS3 version since I prefer it on a bigger screen and rather have both games on one disk instead of one digital / one cartridge. I got the PS3 vers. LE for $18 though (after coupons) used from Gamestop too. Great deal, too bad it's dead there.

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Why is the Vita version more popular (well at least on CAG) compared to the PS3 version?
Because it is ridiculously fun having it on a portable and the graphics are fantastic. I love grinding and doing the boring bits on my commute to work and saving the storyline and boss battles for when I lay down in bed. It feels too constricting having to wait until I get home to play it on the big screen if I got the PS3 version and by then I don't want to play a game I already beat 10 years ago, I want to use that time to play something new.
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For me personally, handhelds are my go to for gaming(3DS, PSP, Vita, Shield, Pandora). I'll always buy a handheld version of a game, over the console when both are available. The bigger picture is not really a selling point, when I consider how many more places I can play. 

As long as the Vita version looks and plays as well as the console (and in this case it does) I'd much rather have the flexibility of a portable. I really wish Kingdom Hearts 1.5 was on Vita. And 2.5. And FFXII HD hopefully.
Got the PS3 version and picked up the Vita version during this sale....I put the Vita version in a few days ago and turned it on to get my cross save and haven't touched it since.

I bought ESO the other day -.-

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Maybe I'm just weird like that but I rather have a game like FFX on my PS3. Certain games I prefer on portables (certain RPG's for that matter) though.

But I barely play games like these on the go. Super Mario 3D Land is a perfect game on the go for me, something like Zelda: OoT I rather play at home.

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