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I have written a basic program to help gamers find video game review magazines. If user only cares about one genera or esoteric games, program will find magazines to read that cover those games. If user likes popular games, program will help them find the magazines that most agree with user's rankings. So far, more complicated plans don't work without good knowledge of Excel (split window, conditional formatting, cell background) and not even then. Download contains examples of each attempt by me. Program also makes game recommendations by combining top-lists of multiple publications. For instructions read INSTRUCTIONS.txt inside zip file.!v8ACSTKK!SNBk7DLrgBTLFtNyP_NTuoY8emoNqBfGZcZsrNH-Xvk

R download

You can also just take a look at the examples without running or installing anything.

Closest thing is but no toplist or publication suggestions.
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