Firefighter - $18 @ Amazon & at Walmart (UPDATED OP 1/15)


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My studio's original Wii game, Real Heroes: Firefighter, just got its first price drop, and it's now down to $20 on Amazon.

It's a pretty damn fun game, and pretty unique too. I'm totally biased of course, but for $20, you'll get your fun out of it. I'd challenge most gamers to beat it on Hard mode.

Kinda cool seeing that we're now a top-100 selling game on Amazon. Not bad for a game that had no marketing and terrible distribution.

PS - We're getting close to announcing our next project, which is going to be really cool. As a hint...

Looks like we killed Amazon. They are now saying 2-4 weeks before shipping. I'm really hoping we can get them to restock sooner. We ended up being the #51st best selling game on all of Amazon, which is pretty amazing considering not many people heard about the game.

I just wanted to give a hearty THANK YOU to everyone here for being so supportive. This is the only message board I regularly check out, and between the friendly and informative posts and stuff like the Child's Play donations, it's a nice feeling having a sense of community here. Thanks everyone!

Looks like it's back in stock. It's like magic!

And now has it for $18.
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[quote name='mrpogi23']its sold out again!! demand cant keep up on amazon...[/QUOTE]

mrpogi, by the way, is one of Epicenter's environmental artists. And he's awesome in just about every way. Sorry for blowing your cover man!
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