Five and Below Console Games YMMV


Xbox - Tony hawk underground 2, True Crime Streets of L.A, True Crime New York, Burger King games,(really YMMV) Doom 3 resurrection.

Xbox360 - Space Chimps*

Wii - Space Chimps**

PS2 - NBA live 08, NCAA basketball 08'

Some good PC games - ACT OF WAR and Sim City Societies (20$ at BB)
Five and Below is a store
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Five Below might be a Pennsylvania area store? Not sure, but I know there's a few around me with some nice PC games every once in awhile.
Saw this posted on the BankruptGamer twitter last week and checked it. Whole lot of Space Chimps.
Five Below is north east only, no stores south of Virginia last I checked.

They also have HD-DVD movies for $5, nice for folks who blew money on HDDVD players.

And finally DO NOT buy True Crime NYC for Xbox. It's a broken game that runs at like 10 FPS and crashes continually. Make them bury those things on top of the ET pile.
Stopped into the Hagerstown, MD, Five Below this week and saw the games mentioned by the OP. Didn't buy any of those, but...

I DID find the Jazwares Mega Man Retro 6" figures that I've been searching for for months at a cool $4 ea. I got Mega Man and Guts Man. They had a Proto Man too but his arm was broken so I didn't get it :bomb:
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