For Shipwreck - Songs of Ship's and Wrecks


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After hearing that to have listened to Gorden LIghtfoot, which I am a great fun of, and like the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald you may like Ballad of the Yarmouth Castle also by him. If you like Sea shanties and such then you will want to check out Stan Rogers lots in his songs of ships and such, like the Mary Ellen Carter . I have been in the Royal Canadian Navy now going on 33+ years and some of the ship I have served on now lie at the bottom of the sea, not from enemy action nor accident, thank Poseidon, but decommissioned ship turned reefs. I have pictures and stories for all. As well locations for you to look at for large clusters of wrecks, not the Bermuda triangle BS, try looking at Sable Island on the East Coast for one. Let me know if you want information and pictures of some of the interesting wrecks and such, do you happen to scuba? 

Great podcast guys keep up the hard work. 


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