Free Spotify Invites


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Chevrolet is giving out 6 month codes for Spotify at that Facebook link.

You have to submit some personal info though, and they e-mail it to you.

I haven't received my e-mail yet but others say they have.

Edit: Some of the people say that they are getting an invite, but no 6 months of premium.

The code is supposed to come within 72 hours after you've submitted your info.

Edit2: I'm not sure about the premium, but if you read the comments, a lot of people seem to be expecting their 6 months premium. On another website they said you would get the premium for doing this but I'm not sure anymore, anyways this is still a free Spotify invite.

Of course you could just use a UK proxy to sign up for Spotify.

Edit3: says something about 6 month premium too.
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[quote name='realkilla789']I didn't see anything about premium in the description.[/QUOTE]

I don't either,

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Chevrolet is teaming up with Spotify, a digital music service, to bring you new music in a whole new way. Sign up for Sonic updates below and be one of the first in the U.S. to get early access to a Spotify FREE membership compliments of Chevrolet. It’s an experience that will prove even more resounding when coupled with the Sonic's available 6-speaker system, dual Bluetooth and USB port. Find out more about Spotify here.
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