FS/FT H: Pokemon Emerald, Digimon World 1 W:PP


23 (100%)

Pokemon Emerald - just the cart

14 Day Gold Trial
1600 MSP codes 1 left for 15$
COD Black Ops 2 Nuketown 2025 Map Code - $10 paypal or amazon credit (there's a 2 day trial of live on there that i'll give the buyer if he/she wants)

Digimon World 1 on the PS1 (complete) - case is a bit beat up, includes manual and disk. (pictures upon request)

Metroid Prime 1 (complete) - refer to the second game for comments
Metroid Prime 2 (complete) - both metroid games have those annoying gamestop stickers

The Last Story (sealed) - looking for 28 + shipping otherwise i'll just trade it in for credit

Dota 2 - I have 3 keys, i'll part with these really easily just offer

DS Lite
Steins;Gate related items! :hot:
Steam Games
Paypal :hot:
Offer :hot:

PM me!
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