FS: New Nintendo 3DS, Games, Manga, FightStick Parts, Import Cans, Kidrobot, Ect.


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In need for letting go some of these items which have been collected by me for over the past few years. All prices include shipping and tracking number. Buy in bulk and i'll lower the price of them combined. Dem picture sizes be all over the place. Payments through gift PayPal or pay the fees. Shipping will be calculated afterwards. If the item is under 13oz and you would like it shipped priority, just add an extra $2.

Extra Noting:
I've recently noticed that the Japanese market by me has started importing more candy, pvc figures, and art books. If anyone would be interested in those I wouldn't mind picking them up. So far I've seen SOA pvc, anime artbooks/scans, K-on petite pvc, bakemonogatari petite pvc, calanders, cards, ect. Also, they sell manga in kanji if anyone is interested in that.

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For Sale:

Physical Items:
Final Fantasy XIII Xbox360 FacePlate - $8

Collectors Edition/Goodies: (send me an offer if no price)

Tales of Xillia: $25 for bundle
Official OST
No Game, box, or figure

Arcade Sticks:

Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Fightstick Pro LINE for Xbox 360 $50 + shipping (local pickup available near chicago)
**Friend picked this up for me over from Craigslist. Seller failed to include that the back panel seems to have water(?)/bent damage and it still smells like cigarettes (I'm working on decreasing the smell). For some reason my friend didn't even bother to inspect it, but eh.**
Other than the above, the stick still works in excellent condition. Only addition to the inside was the replacement of an 8-way gate. Also, one of the smaller screws are missing from the back.

Comes with the stick, box, mic line, and manuals

Anime Goodies:

Kingdom Hearts II Formation Arts Vol. 2 **Box opened but figures still in plastic** **out of run products**
~ Twilight Thorn $30

Kidrobot figures:
NIB SDCC 2013 Mecha Zangief (Unopened) - $30


Battle Royal Ultimate Edition - $20 Each
**Volume 2
**Volume 3 (Unopened)

Kingdom Hearts Vol. 1 & 2 - $6
Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories Vol. 1 - $5
Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories Vol. 2 - $5
Kingdom Hearts II: Vol. 1 - $5
Ouran Host Club Vol. 1 $5
Vampire Knight Vol. 6 - $5
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol. 12 (In Kanji) - $5

**Buy all KH manga and i'll include 3 Kingdom Hearts postcards**

Import Cans
*Prices vary because of import/out of print*
Would like to have them bought out in at least 2+ to save on shipping

Final Fantasy XIII Elixirs (Released in 2009/Out of Print)
**Sazh (Unopened)
**Vanille (Unopened)
Each $30
*Pics if requested*

Also have an opened/empty can form the FFXIII Trading box art if you're interested. Will include box but no mini figure. $10
*Pics if requested*

Drangon Ball Z Dydo Drinks (2012 Series) - $15 Each Unopened

*Pics if requested*

Dragom ball Z Dydo (2013 Series/Diet/$15) and Sonic Boom (Unopened/$10)
*Pics if requested*

Tales of Symphonia (NIB) - $115 + shipping
Game Itself
4 Disc CS Soundtrack
Hardcover novel
Art booklet w/ DLC Theme
Chibi Figures
CE Box #01607/18000

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII:
Pocket Watch (make me a nice offer. Hard to let go)
80 Page Hard cover Artbook $25
Collectors Box $5 + shipping or $5 w/ artbook

Bravely Default: $40
Collectors Edition Box
AR Cards
No Game

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 PS2 [Black Label] (missing manual) - throw me a price

Hori Real Arcade Pro V3-SA (PS3) $70 Shipped - No Original Box
Stick has been roughly used for about 50 hours. Face artwork is starting to tear away.

HD PVR Gaming Edition $60 (This is the one with use of the COMPONENTS ONLY/NO HDMI)
- Excellent Condition except original box has some scuffs if that matters
- Includes everything that originally was packed with it including the box
I'll add pics if requested SOLD

King Mickey Mouse Play Arts $25 NIB
~ Axel $30

Kidrobot x Streetfighter BAIT EXLCUSIVE White Akuma (Unopened) - $37
Kidrobot x Streetfighter NYCC Gold Ryu (Unopened) - $30

Fightstick/FightStick Parts:
Xbox PCB (Taken from a TE R1) - $15

PlayStation 3Tales of Symphonia SEALED - $125

Playsyatioin 3 160 GB
Comes with: Controller, HDMI, Power Cable, and USB Cord
- No retail box, some dust sitting on the console
In great working shape.
Looking for $110 + exact shipping
I'll include CoD: World at War, Operation Flashpoint: Redriver, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Grand Theft Auto 4

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX JAPANESE IMPORT - $55

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 + Goodies - OPEN TO OFFERS

- Kingdom Hearts 2.5 (regular edition/used-like new/CIB)
- LE/CE Pin (Sealed)
- Heartless Plushie (still new in wrap)
- Collectors Edition Box

Drakengard 3 Collectors Edition (CIB/Sealed): $125 Shipped
I'll also include the Wave 1 DLC
The Collector’s Edition contains:
• Premium Packaging, featuring the Japanese Product Art
• The Complete Prequel Novella
• Soundtrack Sampler Disc
• Double-sided Collectible Poster
• DLC Code for the Caim Costume, based on the protagonist of Drakengard
• DLC Code for a prequel stage featuring Zero’s sister, One as a playable character
• DLC Code for the Giant Baby Hat

New Nintendo 3DS Super Mario White Edition Bundle - $160 Shipped, PayPal
NIB New Nintendo 3DS Super Mario White Edition Bundle 
3rd Party 3DS Charger (used)
NIB Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
Add NIB Bravely Second: End Layer for $15 for either bundle

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Might be interested in those OBSF 30s sanwa buttons, if the price comes down a bit. Also, can you be exact on the condition of them, were they ever used?

Might be interested in those OBSF 30s sanwa buttons, if the price comes down a bit. Also, can you be exact on the condition of them, were they ever used?
Red plungers/rims have about 8 hours of use in them and I bought them used, so one of the micro switches have solder left on them but can still fit into a QC. White buttons have about 2 hours put into them. Black rims have about 4 hours.

2 arcade sticks added, 2 more kidrobot vinyls, xbox 360 TE r1 PCB, and sanwa OBSF 30mm buttons

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