gamestop preorder return question


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I paid half of my preorder with store credit from trade ins.

A couple weeks later I paid the rest of it with cash.

On my latest receipt (the one I'll use to pick up the preorder) it just says that I paid the rest of it with cash....does not mention that I used store credit for the first half.

If I return it will I get it all cash back since the receipt only mentions cash?
Does their system separate the payments and gives me half credit and half cash?

EDIT: I dont want to just show up and ask because if theres a chance I could get it all cash back that would be ideal, and if I ruin it by mentioning that I payed with half credit then that would suck lol
alright, thanks.
Guess I will just return for credit and buy a gift card, then sell the $65 gift card for $55 cash to someone.
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