Go travel to unfamiliar places and you will see how staged the simulation feels

Go to places unfamiliar to you or travel, and you will noticed a staged effect. Like the simulation has to free up memory and load NPCs. Similar to a video game where the new area doesn't technically load or exist until your avatar enters it.

The simulation has a counter measure for this though, it will give you an experience of focused intensity, like stubbing your toe or an intense emotional exchange, this is used to re-ground you into the sensation of "realness". However if you can get past these moments or bypass them by not getting too emotionally attached, you can draw your focus back to the staged phenomenon, you can see the plottedness and synchronicity at work.

I know it sounds somewhat crazy to say, but I've noticed it. It's harder to see when you are just in your familiar routine because that stuff is already loaded into ram in a sense.

Even though I'm using digital terminology, I don't believe that it's a digital simulation. It feels more like spiritual planes interacting but we don't have the language for that yet. It's like a power struggle amidst different strata and hierarchy of beings, it's like there's these "others" that want to insinuate themselves into our experience and play at being us. These "pod" people like to play the game hard and "get ahead".
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I visited already 67 countries in the world and looking forward  to visit Peru in two months. 

Definitely going to do 5 day Salkantay Trek , which offers amazing mountain views.

It is going to be a real challenge for me, as i had a knee injury few months ago^ but i am very positive and want to prove myself that this is in the past now.

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bread's done