Golf Launchpad Flite $79.96 for ps3 at the source

i hit about 40-50 balls on it so far...havent tried it with the game just wanted to make sure it could take a full swing before i brought it in the house, going to the lake this weekend but ill be trying this with tiger 10 on monday.

Overall the construction is solid will just have to see how responsive it is when playing not expecting the world from it as it is more or less a toy but hopefully the sensors pick up on the swing for hooks and slices and power.

I always wanted something to shoot in the winter and dont have the money for a screen and dont have indoor driving ranges in the winter so this is a steal for me will just have to see how responsive it is.
I think its a decent product for under $100, some of the reviews expect it to be a replacement for a $20,000 product thats why they dont like it. there is a lot of reviews hard to take some of them serious though as again comparing a item under $100 to a $20,000 screen and sensors is plain stupid obviously the $20,000 one better be about a million times better. I personally aint spending the $20,000 on it so the $80 is a perfect price even with a few flaws.
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