Great Strategy game coming Dec 12 -- ONLY $15!! - Daisenryaku 7 Exceed (PS2)!


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Just found listed in GameFly and GameStop ($20 NEW!!!) to be released 8/6/07 12/12/2007 Daisenryaku 7 Exceed for PS2!

If you like turn based strategy games and you haven't played the older xbox version of this game then you got to check out this game. Even if you have the xbox version (like myself) you should still consider buying this game, I'm reading up on the improvements now..

Anyway, while the graphics are a bit limited (but it grows on you), the gameplay is pure gold. Tones of real-life units across air, land and sea, many missions and pre made maps to play on.... plus a map editor! Have a read of some reviews on the gamefaq board.
Cant wait for this gem to be released! :bouncy:

EDIT: Here, have a read of JVGFanatic's review on the older xbox version, a short & sweet review or this very detailed review.

EDIT: Forget about EB/GS (charging $20), it's only $15 at amazon and cduniverse!! Even the bastards at familyvideo has listed this at $15. After P3 I should never order from FV again but with the new member $5 off making this $10 is just too good to pass...

NOTE: When you are searching for this game, either use "Dai Senryaku" or "Daisenryaku".

EDIT: has this for $13 + shipping ($17.39).

EDIT: [quote name='G33']It's also available at deepdiscount for $13.99, also with a release date of 10/16/07.[/quote]

EDIT: Here is a link to the offical site and I qoute:

Key Game Features
  • 400+ individual types of modern combat units
  • Includes Air, Ground and Sea warfare
  • Up to four players per battle
  • New gameplay features with new units for this version
  • Map editor allows you to create your own map
  • Each unit has its own specific abilities and stats
  • Complete tutorial system will show you how to play
Here is a link to a forum post on the US publisher (Valcon Games) site, describing the Enhancements over the Xbox version, and I qoute:

So, in case you're wondering what's new in this version:

i) Campaign Mode -- four independant fictional campaigns with multiple missions that have branching conditions (except the first campaign which only has two missions). A branching condition means that when you win a particular mission the next mission you play will depend on various goals you achieved in the mission just played. For instance, if playing a mission with an AI ally -- if you win by beating your opponent, but your ally is defeated before you win, then you proceed to mission (a), however if you win and your ally survived, then you go to mission (b).

ii) New Abilities -- there are two new commands - BOMB and REPAIR. BOMB is used by aircraft to damage facilities such as cities and factories. If a facility is damaged its output is reduced. Facilities start with 100 health and each BOMB attack depletes the health. When a facility's health reaches zero it no can no longer function. There is also an ability called 'Intercept'. Units with this ability can attack an enemy unit that moves into their range. This is particularly useful with anti-air units, as they will now attack enemy air units that come within range automatically during the enemy's turn.

iii) New Unit type -- Engineer units have been added. These units are used to REPAIR damaged facilities. You can repair neutral or friendly facilities with an engineer unit instead of moving.

iv) Improved UI -- specifically for the US release we've added a couple of requested features. During multi-player Free Play games, when control passes to another actual player (as opposed to an AI player) the game will present a black screen with the army flag displayed allowing you to switch players without seeing more units than you should. You can now inspect a unit directly from a single button press, but to do so, you'll need to assign the function using the settings screen.

v) In-Game Operators -- now there is a voiced operator prompting you when various things happen during game play. This adds to the flavor of the game and you have the choice between a female, male and none. Note that we reduced the number of operators from 6 to 2...

vi) More Free Play maps -- the game supports more Free Play maps with the addition of all the Campaign Maps.

I think that's it -- If I remember something else I'll add it here.

There is a new "Campaign Mode" where you get to save your experienced units between missions, people who have played this mode said this is much more satifying than the Free Play mode or the "disjoined" mission mode.

I also think there are some new features too, from looking at the info on the offical site, it seems as if you can destroy/damage facilities (like airports) and perhaps only soliders can repair them.. but this is my guess from what I can see (read) in the screen shoots, I'll post again when I can confrim this.

Exceed definitely have a few more things over the xbox version... but is it worth a puchase? I say YES! Because (1) Supporting this kind of game is important IMO, as the market is very small, if we dont show our support, we might not get to see other great titles, e.g. DaiSenryaku PSP 1 & 2 or DS! (2) It's only $20, and the new features are small but still sweet additions.

[quote name='Masterkyo']which version is SUPERIOR !!! I had XBOX version & it BC with XBOX 360 .. should i buy PS2 version ??[/quote]
[quote name='Asgardian']I also think there are some new features too, from looking at the info on the offical site, it seems as if you can destroy/damage facilities (like airports) and perhaps only soliders can repair them.. but this is my guess from what I can see (read) in the screen shoots, I'll post again when I can confrim this.[/quote]
Wow, so very little love for Daisenryaku :(

Anyway, I have confrimation that you can do damage to facilities (maybe just the various ports?) and have soliders fix them up... this will definitely add even more meat to the strategy!

Come on, there has to be more strategy loving CAGs out there...
So this is almost the same at the US Xbox release of Diasenryaku? Because I got that game right when it came out. Seems fun but I never tried too hard to get into it. I'll probably grab the PS2 version, someone's bound to have it for 14.99 soon after launch.
I am so happy to see some interest, thanks for the support... as I said, this kinda game comes out once in a decade on average (almost) so any support is great...

I've heard good things about the handheld versions too, maybe if this game do well enough there might be a chance we can get a translation... fingers crossed...

One word of warning, when you first play this game, you might want to go to options and turn down the BGM hmmm... it's gets very repetitive really quick and some people might want to rip out their ears... but the sound effects are fine...
Bumping this up again for change of price from $20 to $15, plus a new (still unconfirmed) release date around Oct? Keep an eye of this gem strategy lovers.
This series had more awesome on Genesis.
this looks really text-intensive is it? i have the japanese version of advance wars and do alright with it, but this one looks like it might be a bit more complicated, so i'm not sure how well i'd understand it if i got the japanese version (i have a japanese ps2).
It's pretty text intensive as far as names of units and whatnot are concerned.

The Advance Wars analogy isn't quite accurate in my opinion. The Daisenryaku games are more in line with the old Panzer General/Allied General games in terms of complexity.
Super Hyped BUMP!!!! This freaken awesome game is coming around 12 Dec!!!

This is my last pleg for you to check this game out, if you love strategy game, if you crave for war sim, you gota hunt this game down ASAP!
Im gonna go order this from Amazon. I have the Xbox game, and it really reminded me of the great SSI Strategy games I used to play on my Commodore 64.
I already have the xbox version, so I will wait to get this one when I can find it around 10 bucks.
I just cant believe it took them this long to release a ps2 version since its such a great series. - Especially since games like advance Wars are so popular.
I place a pre-order for this @ amazon.

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I'm glad many of you are going to get this! It's a great game, lets hope with more people interested, we might just get the DS or PSP version too...

[quote name='hero101']WTF is up with the Asian Women for marriage link...Is CAG promoting asian fetishes.:roll: :roll: Did anyone click on that?[/QUOTE]

lol.. didn't even see that before.. I clicked on it, nothing interesting.. just asks you to join the site.. didn't see any clear indication of mail order options.. jk..
My copy of this just arrived today. I've been busy with other stuff so I haven't tried it out yet but if you're still looking for it, it should be showing up at local stores today or tomorrow.
Ok, so is this game any good? I was thinking about getting it at BB but the lack of reviews combined with a price drop 2 days after release doesn't give me the warm fuzzies.
It's hard as shit at first. I haven't done much with the PS2 version but it's pretty much the same as the Xbox release from a couple years ago. The difficulty stems from having to keep track of tons of things at once. Fuel, ammo, fog of war, etc. The closest analogy I can come up with that most people would recognize would be a more complicated Advance Wars with cooler units.
It reminds me of a sophisticated looking Empire Deluxe (from ages ago... I played it on the Amiga, and the remake on Windows 3.1), right down to the differently focused production capabilities of the cities on the map...

I got my butt handed to me on a small island skirmish earlier today (having troubles keeping towns and resisting the urge to build a fleet of B-2 bombers... heh)

I enjoy it (never really played the XBox edition, but wanted to).
I don't have a PS3, but according to posts in the gamespot forum, it seems to work fine as long as you have a BC PS3. See gamespot forum.

[quote name='suko_32']Does this work on the 80 GB PS3? Thinking of picking this up, but it depends on this.[/QUOTE]
Yeah, I read that post before but it looks like someone posted today that it works for the 80 GB (wasn't there when i checked), so thanks!
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