Gun Homicide rates

I'm so uncomfortable with concealed carry. I am ALL FOR gun ownership, especially as a means for protecting your home and your family. I am 100% in favor of castle law. If my doors are locked and somebody breaks and enters, I don't care what their intentions are or if they are the Pope or Jesus himself...they deserve to be shot. You don't get to explain yourself when you're doing shit you shouldn't be doing in places you shouldn't be.

But I also 100% DO NOT trust my general neighbor's ability to make good decisions involving lethal weapons. I don't trust them to assess danger properly, or to figure out if anybody else is in the crossfire. People are dumb as shit and can barely walk or drive without catastrophic events taking place. And it is absolutely creating a world of vigilantes who take it upon themselves to be judge, jury, and executioner.

I didn't see you guys mention it, but there was one at a Waffle House the other day.

So yeah, armed robber, scary situation...but the guy was outside in his car and decided to confront the robber as he was leaving. The shoplifting example you guys were talking about is even more crazy. If we are at a point where criminal = shoot...regardless of the crime or who else is around, then I am seriously staying my ass at home and shopping on Amazon. I want no part of this OK Corral (ha, at Golden Corral next probably), wild west bullshit where everybody needs to act like fucking Wyatt Earp.
You'd be the first one sucking the dick of a cop in the same situation.
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