H: Fallout 4 XB1 Season Pass $40, Doom XB1/PS4 Season Pass $30


38 (100%)

I have the following items that I am willing to trade for PayPal, Xbox GC, or Amazon GC:

-Fallout 4 Season Pass for Xbox One ($40)
-Doom Season Pass for Xbox One ($30)
-Doom Season Pass for PlayStation 4 ($30)
-$10 Best Buy Gift Card ($10)

Message me if interested. Thanks!
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I got screwed over along with a lot of folks that preordered from amazon before the dlc was announced. So we weren't "eligible" for the bonus. That is so stupid. If you end up with the aloha pack for too long, let me know and we can try to work a deal or trade for it.
I pre-ordered from Walmart also but still haven't gotten the Newcomers DLC. If I get this and the Amazon one I'll have the complete set.

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