[H] GameBoy Color, Advaced and Ds mostly complete Lot


Hi looking to get rid of these all at once. Most of the games are complete in box in good condition with the exception of Mario and Luigi (box is ok not in bad condition or anything, just wouldn't feel right listing it as good).  I'll also add some extras like a few of gameboy games, a couple psp games to whoever buys it.
Using pricecharting, recent sold Ebay and gamevaluenow the list adds up to about $1820. I'm willing to do the whole thing shipped for $1540. Price is pretty firm but I'm willing to hear realistic offers.
If you have any questions, need any pictures ect ect please dont hesitate to contact me. I only ship to confirmed addresses preferably in the USA. If not in the USA buyer pays shipping.
Not looking to break up the lot unless it's a great offer.
Thanks for looking.
Metal Gear Solid                                           | CIB
Mario Tennis                                                 | CIB
Pokemon Pinball                                          | CIB
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge                         | Cart Only
Wario Land 3                                                | Cart Only
Metroid Fusion                                                   | CIB
Final Fantasy IV Advanced                                | CIB
Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced                        | CIB
River City Ransom EX                                       | CIB
Shining Force Resurrection of the Dragon        | NEW 
Castlevania Circle Of Moon                               | CIB
Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones                       | CIB
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga                            | CIB | Fair Box
Sigma Star Saga                                                | CIB
Reblestar Tactical Command                             | CIB
Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow                                | CIB
Metal Slug Advanced                                         | CIB
Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance                | CIB
Advance War                                                     | Cart Only
Castlevania Circle of Moon                               | Cart Only
Gunstar Super Heros                                        | Cart Only
Capcom Classics Collection                             | Cart Only
Contra                                                      | CIB | Good     
Disgaea DS                                             | CIB | Good    
Populous DS                                           | CIB | Good     
Lunar Dragon Song                                | NEW            
Metal Slug 7                                            | CIB | Good     
Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia              | CIB | Good     
Front Mission                                          | CIB | Good     
ElectroPlankton                                      | CIB | Good
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney               | Cart Only
Geometry Wars Galaxies                      | Cart Only
Kirby Super Star Ultra                            | Cart Only
SimCity DS                                              | Cart Only
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