H: Season Pass The Division PC UPlay/Steam W: PP F/F or Vudu Credits


184 (100%)
H: Season Pass for The Division Redeemd through Uplay. Good for Uplay and Steam version of the Game.

W: $28 PP Friends/Family or,

W: $35 Vudu Credits

This is for the Season Pass Code only. It must be redeemed through Uplay, however, once redeemed, it will give you access to the season pass for the game, even if you have the Steam version of the game as it's linked to your Uplay account.

As an added bonus, due to this coming from the Gold Edition of the game, it includes all of the Preorder bonuses for the game as well as exclusive Gold Edition Content (Hazmat Gear, National Guard Gear, Sawed off Shotgun)

The first paid DLC called "The Underground" dropped on June 28th and is some of the most interesting content for the game yet, with randomly generated underground areas to explore, a new incursion, a new mission, more weapons and gear to collect.

Code will be sent out upon payment received.

[attachment=22611:Division Gold Proper.jpg]

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