[H] Spotify 3 months premium code [W] $18 Paypal/BTC


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Hi, I have a couple of $30 Spotify Gift Cards (online code), valid for 3 months of Premium Subscription each.

Asking for $18 paypal/neteller or $15 if you pay with bitcoin

I don't have problems sending first, if buyer has 20+ feedback. 


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Are these for 3 months or $30? I have the student discount and was wondering if this would work to pay for that. Thanks! Also do you have a warranty of some sort?

Hi! These are $30 giftcards. I'm not sure how it would work for you, if I try to redeem them on my account I see this:


As for a warranty, you can see my ebay page, I have sold a few in the last week. I always check them before I sell them, so you shouldn't have any problem. 

question.  so i subscribe monthly to spotify premium.  could i plug these codes in and not be charged for 3 months?

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