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My mostly updated collection can be found at www.backloggery.com/dynafire. I probably won't want to give up anything unbeaten or rare, but send an offer if you want. Generally, I will let people come out ahead of me in a trade, especially if you have something on my wants list. Don't hesitate to make offers. Some games have been resurfaced with a Gamedoctor, and have marks on the disc, but that pretty much only applies to a handful of PS1/PS2/xbox games, and will be noted accordingly.

Orange = freebie with trade.


:360: Battlefield Bad Company - disc only
:360: Battlefield Bad Company 2

:360: Call of Duty 2 - disc only
:360: Call of Duty World at War
:360: Crackdown 2
:360: Fable II - platinum hits version
:360: Gears of War - 2 disc platinum hits version
:360: Guitar Hero World Tour - Import code unused.
:360: Mass Effect 2
:360: Oblivion GOTY edition - case has a small cut on the spine
:360: Red Dead Redemption

:360: Max Payne 3 - Sealed
:360: Halo 3 special edition 20GB HDD
:360: Power brick (from Halo 3 console, unsure of wattage) and component cables - used, but in good condition.

:ps3: Guitar Hero World Tour - Import code used.
:ps3: Fallout New Vegas
:ps3: Final Fantasy XIII

:ps3: Portal 2 Greatest Hits - not sure if Steam code is used, but probably isn't.

:wii: Punch-Out!!

:wii: Wii Fit Plus - no manual

:ds: Final Fantasy III - cart only
:ds: Guitar Hero on Tour Decades w/attachment
:ds: Band Hero w/attachment - unopened.


:gba: Super Mario Advance - cart only

:gba:GBC/GB (all are cart only)

:gba: Zelda: Oracle of Ages - cart only
:gba: Monsters, Inc.
:gba: Star Wars
:gba: Quest for Camelot - doesn't work.
:gba: Toy Story - doesn't work.

:pc: Command and Conquer: The first decade

:xbox: Sonic Mega Collection Plus (PH) - case is broken and dirty, disc is beat to hell, but is resurfaced and playable. Freebie.
:xbox: Ninja Gaiden
:xbox: Fable
:xbox: Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance
:xbox: Star Wars Battlefront - case is missing a small chip out of top.

:ps2: Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter - "complete" - art insert looks like water was spilled on it, game is fairly scratched, and is untested, but it doesn't look too horrible. Freebie.
:ps2: Eternal Ring - no manual
:ps2: Devil May Cry
:ps2: Devil May Cry 2 - no manual, in blockbuster case
:ps2: Devil May Cry 3 (GH) - no manual

:ps2: Killer 7 (disc only)

:gc: All are in fair condition.  Discs have fingerprints, scuffs, and scratches, but all appear playable.  Manuals are kind of beat, and some of the cases have gamestop stickers and are cloudy looking.

:gc: DDR Mario Mix
:gc: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

:gc: Madagascar - no manual

:gc: Lego Star Wars

:gc: Lego Star Wars II

:gc: Spider-Man

:gc: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

:gc: Shrek 2

:gc: NBA Live 2005

:gc: NBA Street V3

:gc: Tak 2 the Staff of Dreams

:gc: Avatar: The Last Airbender

:gc: Madden 08

Gamestop wireless controller with receiver - not in the best shape, the thumbstick covers are gone.  Unsure if it works or not.


Marvel vs. Capcom
Quake III Arena
Street Fighter III Double Impact - manual has a rental sticker on it that I started to remove, but it began to peel off the art, so I left it. Disc has no stickers somehow, and is in excellent condition.
Grandia II
Soul Calibur
Unreal Tournament
Web Browser
Nightmare Creatures II - cover missing on manual, no rear insert.

N64 (All are cart only)

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - CE cart
Goldeneye 007


Legend of Legaia - disc only, scratched, but should be playable

GTA - disc only, scratched, probably needs a resurface to play.

Saga Frontier 2 - disc only, heavily scratched.  Will definitely need a resurface.

Resident Evil 2 discs only.  Have been resurfaced with a gamedoctor, and have marks on the disc, but plays perfectly.
Metal Gear Solid (BL) - missing Disc 1.
Monopoly (GH) complete - resurfaced
Tetris Plus (GH) complete - resurfaced
Namco Museum vol. 1 (GH) no manual - scratched, but none are deep.
Fighting Force (BL) - resurfaced, front of case is cracked, sticker on back.
Allied General
Legend of Dragoon - Disc 1 only. I believe it's the GH version.
Box full of incomplete and scratched games and/or damaged jewel cases. (free - just pay shipping) - There's probably around 50 titles in there, but none are worth anything. There's a few Gran Turismos, Drivers, maybe a Syphon Filter or two, sports games, etc. Just pay shipping on this fine lot of crap. I'll even put some random surprises in there. Just get this damn thing out of here. :bouncy:

2 Naki Wireless turbo controllers new in box - The only ones I could find were about $50 each on Amazon. I'd probably let them go for a bit less. Make an offer!

Die Hard Arcade - complete.

Command and Conquer - NOD disc only.

Populous - complete
Super Mario World - cart only

Final Fantasy III Manual - missing front cover, and first page is torn. 

Genesis - All cart only

Streets of Rage
Maximum Carnage
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 3

Sonic Spinball

The Legend of Zelda - gold cart only.
Ikari Warriors - garage sale price sticker (edit: residue :bomb:) on it - cart only.
Wrath of the Black Manta - cover is pretty much non-existent at this point - cart only.
Captain Skyhawk - garage sale price sticker on it - cart only.
Bases Loaded III CIB

:whee:Random stuff: :whee:

Keith Courage in Alpha Zones - TG16 - card only
Dragon Force II OST - great condition. I think it's original, but I'm not 100% sure. Can post pics for verification.

Have a ton of random cords and controllers.  Just ask if you're looking for something, and I'll check if I have one to spare.



:xbox: Steel Battalion games
(PS1) Shadow Tower
(PS1) Chocobo Racing
:pc: Steam wallet dollars
Random games, CYL, etc. I can probably find something of interest if you're interested in trading.

Boxes and Manuals:
Zombies Ate my Neighbors box and manual
Super Mario RPG box and manual
Super Metroid box and manual
Dragon Warrior VII manual
Final Fantasy IX manual, front, and rear inserts (black label preferably)
Herc's Adventures manual
Diablo manual
Legaia 2: Duel Saga manual, artwork insert
Burnout Paradise manual - funny story, I bought a second copy used from Best Buy, and it sounded like it had a manual.  I get home, open it up, and it's the manual for Fallout 3.  What the fuck!

Random crap
Bionic Commando original NES swag = posters, pixel art, etc.
Disgaea Palm Figures
Disgaea Etna PVC figures - I already have the max factory one sculpted by Bubba, and the Griffon one as well.  Would trade for more, but would value them lower.
Alundra OST
Chrono Trigger OST
Shadow of the Colossus OST
Wild Arms OST

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I have a ton of Manuals/Cases/Coverarts in my tradelist. All are brand new. I got them when I worked at a CyberCafe and the store manager gave me all the game cases/manuals/coverarts, so they are pretty much brand new. Some cases/coverarts are damaged from when I opened the shipping box they came in so they have a cut in the spine of the case.
Thanks. I'm mostly looking for older stuff , but I do need a Burnout Paradise case and manual. I'll get back to you on that.
[quote name='dynafire']CML for Eternal Darkness? I would possibly be interested in both Golden Sun games as well.[/QUOTE]

Sorry, nothing of interest.
Bump. Come on, take me for a ride. Pretty much everything on that list is stuff I just want to get rid of, and I'm not expecting fair market value here. I will trade well for anything on my want list.
Yeah, I think my timing on this is pretty horrible. It seems like people don't have much disposable income right now, since it's just after the holiday season. Plus, it takes a real collector to want a Saturn, of all things.
Nice Saturn stuff. But when it comes to classic gaming I don't need full lots and I'm a major value hunter. Sorry, lol. Sales and deals are why I have a backlog... Any chance you'd break it up before I ask prices?
I would be interested in only games let me know, I would buy at least 10+ various different games.

Let me know, thanks.
Shoot, I didn't even notice the thread had replies. Terribly sorry about that.

There hasn't been much interest for the full lot, so I will indeed break it up. Again, sorry for the late reply. If you guys want to PM me a list of your wants, we can try to make a deal. The person that posted first should have priority though. It's only fair.
Thanks. I'll have to cross reference with my current Saturn stuff to see what I don't have and get back to ya. That's all I'm interested in though, complete Saturn games. Oh and if you'd like to deal with Neko for GH in the meantime that's fine as I have a copy already.
Bump. Darius Gaiden, Gex, Rayman, Bust A Move 2, and Galactic Attack gone! Starting to part out the lot now. PM if interested in anything at all!
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