H: Various Retro Systems/Games, Spiderman PS5 Controller, Pulse Headset, W: Paypal


96 (100%)
$85 Shipped: Sealed Spiderman Limited Edition PS 5 Controller.

$75 Shipped: Sealed PS 5 Pulse Headset

$120 Shipped: Purple GC bundle: two off-brand controllers, GB adapter (no disc), Freeloader to utilize Swiss, Swiss memory card, a regular memory card, 2 SD Cards. No AV cable. $120 Shipped.

$65 Shipped-SNES Console with one controller, power supply, rf unit. Power Port needs to be replaced and system needs to be cleaned a little but it works.

$170 shipped-14 SNES game bundle. Some need cleaning. All tested and work. List Includes:

Mario All Stars 

Super SF 2

Mario world ( 2 copies, one with partially torn label)

Madden 94

Bill Walsh College Football

Frantic Flea 

NBA Jam 

Toy story

MK 2 

Beavis and Butthead


Super Mario Kart

DK Country

$50 Shipped -PS One with Hookups and one controller.

$50 Shipped: PSOne Slim with hookups and one analog controller. Analog sticks on controller need to be replaced. 

$120 Shipped: 15 game PS1 bundle. Discs have scratches but work. Disc only for most List Includes:


Tony Hawk 2 

Chefs luv shack 

WWF warzone 

Twisted metal 2 

Twisted metal 3 

Pizza hut demo disc

Gran Turismo 

Barbie Race and ride 

NFL Blitz 2000 

Brunswick Bowling 2 

Jet Moto 2 (case) 

Rayman (case) 

NASCAR 99 (case) 


$70 Shipped: Gameboy Advance SP Light blue. Case has many scratches on it and probably needs replacing. Works perfectly. Comes with 2 games: Monster Truck Madness, Frogger Adventures.

$60 Shipped: Sealed Amiibos

Metroid Dread 2 pack (2 of them)


Zelda and Loft Wing 

bread's done