Have: Fortnite Minty Legends Pack Xbox ($10), AC Happy Home Paradise DLC ($15)


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Feel absolutely free to send me a PM about anything!
Standard CAG rules apply
  • I accept Paypal and Amazon credit (most of the time)
  • For trades, I'm fine with lower feedback shipping first, for purchases though I expect payment first.
  • Most items should be able to be shipped USPS First Class mail. I ship games in bubble mailers (boxes for boxed games (like NES or N64 for example) obviously). Shipping cost depends on the weight of the item. I'll let you know as soon as possible.
  • The condition of most of my items are very good. There are a few exceptions here and there (especially when it comes to wear on SNES or N64 boxes for example). I have everything listed as either CIB, Missing Manual, Missing case, etc. Pictures or comments on condition of certain items are available upon request. Feel free to ask!
  • Please PM me with any questions or offers, will respond as soon as possible!

Digital Content


  • Fortnite Minty Legends Pack - $10

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise Game Add-On DLC code - $15

Will take Paypal, Zelle, Amazon or Google Play gift card

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This is my Want List. Just like I price everything in my above Have list, if you are looking to sell something below, give me a price. "Make an offer" PMs will be ignored. It's your item, you should know what you want for it.​

My Wants!
I'm going for a complete in box Pokemon set so I'd always be willing to trade or buy the stuff I need.


Pokemon Crystal (CIB)

Pokemon Yellow (Box and Manual)

Pokemon Gold (Box and Manual)  :hot:  :hot:  :hot:

Pokemon Silver (Box and Manual)

Pokemon Pikachu Edition Yellow Game Boy Color System (good condition with battery cover)  :hot:

Gameboy Advance  :gba: 

Pokemon Sapphire (Box and Manual)

Pokemon Fire Red (Box and Manual)

Pokemon Leaf Green (CIB)

DS  :ds: 

Pokemon Pearl (CIB)

Pokemon Platinum (CIB)

Pokemon Black Version 2 (CIB)


I'm always interested in N64 games I don't have or CIB games, PM me with what you have!

Harvest Moon 64  :hot:

Gamecube   :gc:

Smash Bros Melee manual

PS3  :ps3: 

Wii U  :wiiu: 

Xbox One  :xb1: 

PS4  :ps4: 

3DS   :3ds: 

Open to any good 3DS offers  :hot:

Vita  :vita: 

Vita system (Must be in great shape, very little to no scratches on screen)


Club Nintendo Rewards

 - Game and Watch Collection 2 (DS - Must be complete!)

Old Pokemon Cards

 - Looking for older Pokemon cards, in good condition


Steam Wishlist


Amazon Gift Cards

Target Gift Cards

Google Play Gift Cards

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Organized stuff a little bit because I'm OCD like that.

I have the day off work tomorrow so I hope to have some free time to slim down my collection and update my list. I'll list stuff here for a few days before I sell it off on Ebay or whatever.

Send me any and all offers!
Added some gameboy games, just got a huge lot of them at a garage sale. Those are my doubles, but you can check my collection list for everything, I may be willing to trade some of my singles since I really don't collect gameboy much.

Is the MGR Raiden skin in game, or for avatar? $15 gifted for that & 1600 msp (if in game MGS4 Raiden)? CML, otherwise, please. Thanks.
bread's done