Have you bought a game for the mods?

Grey Swordsman

5 (100%)
I have with Divinity Original Sin 2 and definitely for XCOM 2. For Divinity, it was for some cheat mods (why, idk) and I remember picking up XCOM for the Star Wars conversion and Factions mods.

Is it a bigger selling point than I think it is? Because to me, I mostly pick up games for just that, the games. Mods are usually not that big of a deal in decision making for me personally, more of a nice bonus.

I built a computer just to play modded Oblivion. Still never played it. That was like 10 years ago.
Nice. At least you got a PC from that idea you had, that's a win in my book. Even if it's outdated by todays standards I'm sure you could turn it into an android device with the right software. Assuming it hasn't been upgraded etc.

Back in 2021 summers, I was into minecraft. I installed JEI mod, it let you look up recipe for any items on minecraft's inventory screen. 

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