HELP! I think my PS4 Pro Drive is Dying!


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So, this started a week ago.. as far as I know.

I've been buying nothing but digital games, and renting games I am curious from RedBox.

Last Friday, I rented Metro Exodus.

When I put the disc into the system, I heard a clicking sound 3 times as if it were trying to initiate the drive, after the 3rd time, the system made a sound as if it were ejecting/adjusting the disc, then it began to try and start 3 more times, with the same clicking (sounds like a ka-click, or ka-thunk.. I can record if needed)

I then got an "Unrecognized disc error"



So I took the game out, and wiped it down with a clean, microfiber lens cloth. When I put it back into the system it worked fine.

On Monday, the game had a weird crash, but other than that it had been working fine.

I returned the game, and re-rented it, so that I could beat it.

When I put the game in, I was once again greeted with the same sounds as when I first installed it, and the unrecognized disc error.




So, I took the game out, and noticing 3 major scratches on it, I thought the game was the issue.


I contacted Redbox, they issued me a Refund and I returned it.

I then re-rented the game from a different RedBox. The game is in perfect condition.

Yet, once again I hear the weird sounds trying to read the disc. the set of three ka-clunks, the readjusting, and another set.

After trying three times, I decide to try some other games. Three other games I tried on my system (Bloodborne, Yakuza Zero, and Valkyrie Chronicles 4) all did the same thing, the sounds then, unrecognized disc.

So I put a Blu-ray Movie in, worked fine and was able to watch it.

I put a DVD in, worked fine, and I was able to watch it.

I put Yakuza Zero back in, it made the sounds once again, but after the readjustment and three move clicks, the game worked fine.

What is going on?
Can anyone help?
Has anyone heard of this issue?


Sony thinks it's corruption in the OS and is having me rebuild the database.

This is what it's doing (Not my video)

It does 3 clicks, then a disc adjusting sound, then 3 more clicks.

Sony had me rebuild the data base, I tested my room-mates entire game library of discs... by the 3rd disc, the clicking was back.

So they are having me now format and reinstall the entire OS, I am backing up all my saves first.
That said, they claimed it'll be $150 if I want it fixed by them....

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Have you found a solution to the clicking noises?  Someone posted a clicking noise fix, YouTube video.  They suggested removing the hard drive cover to stop the clicking.  Try it and let us know if it worked for you!

Have you found a solution to the clicking noises? Someone posted a clicking noise fix, YouTube video. They suggested removing the hard drive cover to stop the clicking. Try it and let us know if it worked for you!
So any changes? I'm thinking about getting my own PS4 Pro, but this issue has me on caution.
It's a sign of the system's Blu-ray drive dying.

I tried every fix, both suggested by Sony and other users.
I then searched through Reddit and found various threads discussing the issue.

Simply put, it's a production error that ONLY affects generation 1 PS4 Pros, with Model #7015

This model also has a much larger PSU on the back, while later models have standed PSU cords.

Since then there have been two MAJOR revisions
#7115 added a quieter driver and smaller psu cables
#7215 further refined the drive

So as long as you don't get a GEN1 PS4Pro, you'll be fine

In this image, the Gen 1 (#7015) is on top, notice the PSU cord slot, vs Gen 2 (#7115) on bottom


As for me, I took my PS4 Pro in to Gamestop during Pro Day thinking I could get partial credit.
The employee gave me full credit, and I was able to trade for a New Pro 1 for 1 (I did have to buy an additional controller though)

This issue sounds exactly what happened to my launch ps2 and launch fat ps3.
The disc drive was indeed dying and the fact it would play different formats fine but not game discs proves it. Good thing you traded it in before it became worthless.

My launch ps4 thou is a tank with no issues and i don't know how many thousands of hours of usage are on it.
Late reply, but maybe this will help someone else having similar issues. Yep, your Blu Ray drive was failing. Mine did the same thing except it wouldn't play any discs at all. I purchased a Blu Ray drive off eBay and replaced it myself for $120. It's Not too difficult and there are YouTube videos to guide you through the process. You just have to make sure you're getting the correct drive as the 7015 has a slightly different build than PS4 or 7115 drives. Mine is back to running fine now, though I've switched to mostly digital this generation.
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