How big is too big for competitive game monitors?


Years ago it thought that was the 24" was the perfect size. Big bit not too big so you cannot see everything. Has that gone up? I was thinking about getting a new monitor for when I play at home. But it is only going to be for fps.

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4 months late, but I'm almost certain it's still 24" that is considered the best. I've got a 27" one and sit really close to it (~3ft away, probably closer) for slower paced strategy games, but even that is just too much for me to see the entire screen at once.

Key takeaway from this, don't try that unless you want to ruin your sight like I have lol.

I guess 24-25" is the prefect size cause one of the friend has 32" and this is effecting his eye sight  :speaktothehand:

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