How likely is it for someone to auction off a Marvel vs Capcom 2 cover art every week


3 (100%)
The seller used to advertise in the listing that the inserts were high quality photocopies until they were reported. Now the seller makes no mention of it in the listing and EBay turns a blind eye.

Current auction:

Past auctions in April:



Holy hell could there be more text in that auction? He even has a two paragraph section explaining the shipping discount he gives if you buy *100*of his items in one week.
[quote name='davyd']Holy hell could there be more text in that auction? He even has a two paragraph section explaining the shipping discount he gives if you buy *100*of his items in one week.[/QUOTE]

Seriously, when a seller has THAT much text describing rules and regulars... that's a warning sign that he/she's out to take advantage of careless buyers.

Obviously, if the seller was selling photocopies before and is just listing more without mentioning it, it's still more photocopies. Too bad it can't be reported unless you win and receive the item and then let Ebay know you got a photocopy.

Oh, plus it's a Power Seller so chances are that person won't really face any seriously consequences other than a slap on the wrist.
from the photo it doesn't look like a photocopy. But hey, it can be anything if it is just the cover. I saw one auction where the bidders bid the cover to 26 dollars!!? That is insane for a cover of a rare game.
I messaged a couple of those buyers and the guy that paid $26 thought he was bidding on the game, LoL. At least he can get a full refund "if" it's a fake.

Another buyer I emailed said "[FONT=arial,sans-serif]This ia a quality fake, but not high quality. A couple cuts were crooked. Also it's NOT the same glossy paper as original. I have a friend who has the original & compared them. This guy sells knock-off sleeves with ps2 cases. Not worth paying more than the 99 cents his auction starts at." [/FONT]He reported the seller and is trying to get a refund.
I found a few more older auctions.

He actually sells a complete game which I believe is authentic here:

And actually mentions in this listing that the artwork is fake. You're right, there is way too much text!

"Note: The skirt is a color photo copy of a previous authentic marvel vs capcom 2 complete game I have previously sold. Im sure some of you reading this may be thinking to yourself, why is he selling this. Well the answer to that is easy. Every time I have sold this game in the past, I would often get my share of buyers asking me if I could photo copy the art-work of the front, the spine, and back of the picture art work of the skirt and cut it to fit an extra ps2 case I had so that they could complete the only missing item they had for there Marvel vs Capcom 2 collection since they had an extremely hard time finding this game complete anywhere, and they couldnt do it for themselves. Of course they would offer to pay me for my trouble of doing so. I would of course turn them down because back then I just didnt have time to do it so I thought. This happened so often with this particular game that I have finally decided to chance seeing how this would sell and see if there was indeed a strong enough demand for me to sell this skirt and case on a regular basis. If there is a strong enough demand then I will most likely sell this item more often. So please keep this factor in mind if you happen to be one of these individuals in determining how much you would like to bid on this case and photocopied pic-animation sleeve skirt!"
JUST THIS ONE TIME, I am going to give an eBay seller the benefit of a doubt and trust the item description text, which tells me that what happened is that the seller discovered, quite accidentally, that there is an actual market for the cover art to a rare game in which people may have the disk, but would really like the game to look "whole" in a case.

He started making high-quality MvC2 case art copies to sell to these people, and people have bought them.

A problem may have come about when he listed them as reproductions, which while accurate, more quickly raises a red flag for copyright. So, to skirt those problems, he simply identifies it as cover art.

I don't think he's out to scam anyone. I actually believe he is just trying to tap into a small market of people wanting printed covers to make their partial games/partial rare games more complete on their shelves.
How much of a price difference does the artwork add to the value of a disc-only or disc+manual version? I wonder if any of the artwork ever made it back on Ebay as part of a complete Marvel vs Capcom 2.
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