How would you recommend shopping on a specific TV to save the most amount of money?


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Pretty much, I want an LG 4K TV with HDR, in 55" or more. The best price I found is on Amazon for $520. 

Is it best just to bite on the price I found, or should I wait on Black Friday? I always heard Black Friday is kind of a scam for TVs. Only the "door buster" prices are actually good sales, while the rest are advertised as massive savings but they're the same price as usual. 

Or are there any coupons or promo codes that could help knock the price down from any particular retailer?

I think the lowest prices on TVs are typically around Superbowl Sunday. That being said, TV prices are usually stable. They aren't usually heavily discounted on Black Friday except for older models.
i too have been wondering about this.

i want to upgrade to 4k. but upon researching it i know you need to watch the specs.

a true 4k TV needs some kind of HDR(not all 4k TVs have this). the size is then an issue and whether or not you want to splurge for QLED or OLED(whatever that stuff is).

it's all very confusing. i remember my first and only 50 inch HD TV. i spontaneously called a friend at 3 AM in black friday, and went to HHGregg i think it was, and grabbed that sucker for then the good price of 700 bucks. or maybe it was 500 bucks? I cannot remember. it has served me well for 10 years. turns out i inadvertently ended up getting the 720p deal on a 1080p TV.

I hate to replace old reliable.....Took that TV across the country for school, and it survived the long trip home including a detour into yellowstone and it's -15 degree weather in the car.

I was personally eyeballing this one.

HDR basically means the TV supports a wider color range. While most manufacturers tout the increase in resolution going to 4K, it's actually HDR that is the most notable difference in my experience.

If you're watching in a dim or dark environment, the only way you'll get decent black levels is with an OLED. Sony and LG are your only choices and their prices are at a premium. The QLED and LED sets are a great bang for your buck, but they have very mediocre to poor black levels. Meaning you'll get dark grays at best. Unfortunately, black levels also effects other colors as well.
I would recommend getting the SKU, DCPI and UPCs for all the tvs you are interested and monitor the prices on brickseek.

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