I am so sick of Shopify "Did you forget something in your cart??" e-mails I could scream.


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No, I didn't fucking forget anything in my cart assholes. I deleted the entire thing in fact. We have to cart things in order to check the discount code you said you were offering, (and now I see it doesn't work. haha, you got me), or see if there's a shipping charge. We are trying to see what something costs. I was anonymous, and on Firefox. I wasn't logged in to anything. I made the huge mistake of visiting some merchant's website thinking they were capable of performing ethical business. So why the hell am I getting e-mails again. Some of these places will e-mail you a second time. and a third time. "Did you forget your cart?" All because you clicked their fucking site anonymously once. Sorry I glanced at your wares sir; won't be making that mistake again. You often can't unsubscribe because half of the time they pool it with the promotions and coupons. And these assholes just can't understand why people are hesitant to give out their e-mail addresses.

I fucking hate the smart phone and late internet age. Every company doing this can go fuck off and die. Every data collection company.

Seriously this close to unsubscribing and blocking every single entity in my mailbox because no one can be trusted to perform ethical business. Not a single one. It's just a spider-web of lack-of-accountability. It's 10 e-mails per week from some companies. Or five in one day; just because Jane Dickhead was told to drum up some business in order to make quarterly revenues. Just being on their site, they know who you are. These companies get their data compromised all the time. Eat a bag of dicks, Google. This big tech autism needs to be dismantled. Where is our government, and how come these Do-Nothings in congress have jobs?? Do your job and pass some laws FFS.

"We care about your privacy, stranger. Nothing is more important than your privacy so we're installing tracking cookies". Thanks, random blog no one cares about from the top of my Google search.
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