I just shifted again

So yesterday was a weird day.

I wake up around 5am and can't get back to sleep, so I take a shower and then watch that new TV Series Peripheral with Chloe Grace Moretz. Instant deja vu. I could see 5 seconds into the future with that show and knew what was going to happen.

Afterwards, I get up and head into work (home office) a little early. I open my email and have a warning that it's the last day to finish a required training course. I not only SWEAR I finished this course, I already had a deja vu with this and felt like I took the course twice. I checked my calendar as I block time to take these and had done this several weeks earlier on my laptop on the treadmill. There was no meeting... I opened up the exam and knew all of it, including the questions and pictures.

So at this point, I realize what's happening, which is exciting. As people come in to work and we start meetings, I start noticing little things here and there that are different.

I go to a meeting where I had sent the person some docs on a partner API and a screenshot of it because we thought it was a 1 to 1 hierarchy, but appeared to be 1 to many. One of the topics was to discuss how to handle this visually. I go looking through our chat history for the link I sent and it's not there. So I go to the docs site and look it up and it's a 1 to 1. The ies plural names are now y. There's no Metadata API for the object at all. The other person agreed that I had sent the docs, he had looked, and saw it too.

As part of the spec doc we were writing, I had taken a screenshot of a Twitter Bootstrap breadcrumb component to prove the platform may be switching to 1 to many and had already updated their APIs. When I logged back in later, those breadcrumbs were gone. So was this part of the doc.

Yesterday, even the buttons on my faux fireplace changed. They moved a whole 4 inches to the left.

Whatever happened, I shifted again.
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