I keep shifting between timelines/realities

I have been shifting between timelines/universes for awhile now I believe. I have gotten to where I know the exact moment a shift takes place. I had one yesterday while walking. I will feel completely reenergized and there’s always a 1-2 second glitch that happens. The energy level quickly fades away, the glitch is weird though. I don’t know if anyone else here has experienced them, they are surreal. The thing about these shifts is they always end up either the same or worse. The shifting never puts me in a better reality than the previous one. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a glitch in this Matrix/Dystopian reality that only some of us experience.

It amazes me that I am the same person that accomplished so much when I was younger. I’m old now, not ancient or anything, but I sometimes feel much older than I am in these current realities. I don’t want to rehash a lot of stuff I have said, but I don’t even feel like I’m me at times, or maybe everyone else I know has changed. It’s really a weird fewer sometimes. I attracted certain things in my life before, but haven’t been able to since 2012/2013. All of these shifts have drained me I feel like, and left me confused about what to do.

People have completely changed, a lot of you on this sub have pointed that out within your own lives. I may sound like I’m in left field, but I completely believe that we shift realities. I am beginning to think there’s a collective consciousness reality, yet we have individual realities/universes too. The collective consciousness reality would have to do with ME and the changes in society. I’m kinda just thinking out loud here, but how do we shift into a reality that’s the reality we want? The basic laws of the universe from my old universe don’t apply here. I have spent countless hours thinking of ways to “fool” this universe, or whatever universe I have shifted into. I don’t have any answers still. Old wisdom like religion, positive thinking, Think and Grow Rich, etc; don’t apply here for some of us. It’s like The Matrix can counter every thought you have. Does anyone have success in fooling this Matrix/Universe?
One thing to go along with what you said is that we evolve as people and things that spoke to us 10 years ago may matter less or no longer appeal to us at all any longer. We oftentimes want to cling to things that made us feel a certain way in the past as a way to change our current reality.

One thing I will always remember my grandpa telling me at the end of his life is don’t take the small things in life for granted (i.e. being physically capable, allowing you to be solely independent, feeling physically/mentally well, etc.). There is no amount of resources a person would not give to get these things back once they are taken from them.

Let us chart new courses and live spontaneously. Let us look forward and not backwards.

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