I lost access to all my IndieGala keys and gift keys. Logging in redirects me to the homepage.


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Let's be honest, IndieGala has been selling a lot of shovelware of late. So I decided to back up my product keys before they went belly up or were acquired by another business.
I tried logging into the website but it said I had to "recover" the account. So I followed the password reset procedure. For whatever reason, after I reset the password, the site redirects to the homepage. It doesn't list any of my game keys anywhere.
I tried using a URL from a gift key I purchased for a CAG, and it prompted me for a password from the gifter's account. After I entered a random password and got rejected, I got an automated email with a different link and password. I still get a "incorrect password" error message.
Am I just SOL?
Apologies to the mods if I posted this thread in the wrong forum.
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