Inconsistent Best Buy Price Match Policy Enforcement


I went to a Best Buy last night to price match Observer System Redux from Gamestop and they tell me they don't PM Gamestop. It was late so I didn't push it and just price matched Amazon instead for the same price.

I checked their price matching policy this morning and nowhere in the website does it say they don't match Gamestop. (There's also a Gamestop across from the parking lot).

And several years back Macy's was having a deal on Garmin smartwatches and I asked a BestBuy employee at another store if they'd price match it and the lady working the counter said they don't price match Macy's because it's not an electronics store.

Why is it that BestBuy seems to be the one that almost always pulls excuses out of their asses to not price match when their own website says they'll match anybody within a 25-mile radius?

I don't shop best buy as much as I'd like (closest one is 60 miles away) but I'd assume it's probably just poor training. I'm sure if you'd ask for a supervisor they'd follow their policy properly.
Yes, it is inconsistent as it was with Toy R' Us. They don't want to price match and will give any excuse they can to discourage you. I've had one store PM and another location deny the same retailer. Wait until you get one that will say it's too much of a discount and the system won't allow it. I think it was a $25 difference. I asked how much will the system allow and they kept inputting an amount until the system accepted it and it was $22 so I took it. I went to another location and got the same excuse and asked how much will the system allow and that location said $15, which I passed on.

Also try matching on-line, they will usually accommodate probably because they work at a store.

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